MURS Callbox XT Outdoor with Gate Relay MURS Indoor/Outdoor Customer Service Callbox - 120mW 4-Channel Customer Service 2-Way Radio MURS Security Door Radio System
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Gate Relay Two Way Radio Call Box Use to let customers call for help Motorola CLS 1410 Transmitter goes on inside of building, call button on outside.
If you need a wireless outdoor gate radio that opens an external gate or door, this device is the system you need. The MURS Customer Service Callbox provides a fast, and easy wireless method for customers to summon a sales associate with a handheld radio to a specific department or store location. This four-channel radio provides an easy-to-use, and affordable solution for businesses like retail stores, service centers, restaurants, hotels, or any business that services customers. This system easily installs at any entry point to enable visitors to announce their arrival.  With the innovative two-part system only the rugged, all-metal speaker box is mounted on the outside of the facility.
Selectable Room Intercom System Kit MURS Callbox XT Outdoor Wireless Elderly/Disabled Emergency Alert MURS Wireless PA System
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This is a complete kit except for wire. Heavy Duty Vandal-Proof Two Way Radio Call Box Elderly Intercom Two Way Radio Wireless PA
The Selectable Room System is an advanced Cat-5 based system consisting of  Room Units, Patio Units and Door Units that enable you to select the room you want to call from a color LCD display. This heavy duty outdoor unit can be used with all of our MURS devices and radios for long range outdoor wireless communication. If you have an elderly or disabled person you care for but you can't always be with them, this Personal Assistance Voice Dialer may be what you need. It consists of a pendant button they wear and a main console that plugs in to a telephone line. The MURS Wireless PA System is used with a wireless radio anywhere a hard-wire public address is impossible, or too expensive to route wire between the desired locations. It eliminates trenching and reduces installation cost.
Master to Sub System Simultaneous Talk and Receive System with Keypad Simultaneous Talk and Receive Wireless Gate System Wireless Emergency Receiver and Remote Bed Pull Station
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Basic 2 station kit Full Duplex Intercom with keypad Full Duplex Intercom Emergency Wireless Bed Station
Basic wired system via two points. The master can be used to monitor the area around the sub station.  Wall or Desk mounted. This system enables simultaneous two-way communication without having to press buttons to speak. Has a keypad for entry. This system enables simultaneous two-way communication without having to press buttons to speak. Can be used at security gates or doors or wherever voice communication is needed. Use this with anyone who is confined to a bed. The portable receiver is carried with you and the pull stations activate the receiver.
MURS Commercial Wireless Intercom (1 unit) MURS Multi-Mile Base Wireless Intercom (1 unit) MURS 110 Commercial Handheld Two-Way Radio (1 unit) Door Intercom Controller with Call Forwarding
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Commercial Base Station Two Way Radio Two Way Radio Base Station This built tough radio can get wet Use this to call any telephone, including cell phones
This unit has a small, rugged metal case and is designed for industrial applications. It is desk or wall-mountable, and has a range of up to 2 miles. This is one of our best, cost-effective, long-range wireless systems. Use it to talk to handhelds, callboxes, other base stations or any MURS device. The ultra small size, lightweight radio works with MURS unlicensed frequencies. This radio features NOAA weather scan, gate unlock control, and Emergency Call Feature. Comes with recharging base. This Door Intercom Controller with Call Forwarding enables visitors at your front door to contact you on the existing telephones in your house or business, plus it has the advantage of being able to contact you on your cell phone or other phone number no matter where you are.

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