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  UWS WireFree Portable Wireless Intercom (set of 2)
Kit includes two intercoms

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If you want a business or home intercom system but don't want the hassle of installing one, the UWS WireFree 900MHz Wireless Intercom system is the way to go. To get up and running, all you have to do is install batteries and go through a one second "Learn" procedure and your intercom system is ready to use.

Most wireless intercom systems on the market are not truly wireless since they require the user to plug them into an AC outlet. The WireFree wireless intercom system runs up to one year on just four AA batteries without ever being turned off! Other wireless intercom systems that are battery powered have short battery lives...therefore they have a high cost of operation.

"I like these intercoms because they are easy to install and they let me talk in a normal voice instead of shouting at the kids upstairs. I also don't have to climb the stairs to wake my grand kids up to get ready for school. If they need me its easy for them to let me know. I know they are safe, and they can feel safe knowing I can hear them if they need me. I am enjoying the intercoms very much. Any time I buy something and I don't feel like I got ripped off, I love bragging about the product." Virginia Marlow - Jefferson, GA

Some "wireless" systems not only require AC adapters, but they use the wires in your house or business to transmit voice. These systems are highly prone to interference, buzzing noise, poor quality audio, plus they're not secure.

"My dad has advanced Parkinson's and falls sometimes. There have been instances where he's fallen and can't get up nor call loudly enough for someone to hear him. We thought about getting a standard baby monitor, but they aren't portable enough nor are they easy for my parents to use. We needed a system that he could use w/o doing anything other than talk. With Hands-free my dad doesn't have to worry about pressing buttons." Donna L. Lindorfer, Elk Grove Village, IL

Other people with a similar unit who are on the same AC circuit as you can listen in to your conversations.

The WireFree wireless transmits and receives using digital wireless signals that provide high quality, fully secure audio communication at up to a 1000 foot range (maximum range is only achieved with no obstructions or interference between units).

Up to 64 WireFree wireless intercoms can be used together. You can use the "Page-All" function to page all systems in your network, or you can set the units up on one of the four available channels to page only specific units.

"We bought the WireFree Intercom for use between our nurse's stations in a physician clinic. We like them because they are small, easy to maintain, have long battery life, and they have no annoying wires. They are also so easy to use and they save us from yelling and making unwanted trips. Thank you for a quality product!" Marny Hammond - Paoli, IN<

There is also a Monitor feature that you can use to put one unit in a baby-monitor-type mode. Pressing the Monitor button puts the unit in continuous transmit mode. This will deplete batteries quickly so purchasing the optional power supply is recommended . All units on the same channel can hear what is happening around the unit in Monitor mode. Pressing the talk button on any unit will still transmit a message to all units, including the unit in Monitor mode. Once the message is complete, the unit goes back into Monitor mode. This feature works well for monitoring children or elderly.

You can also expand your wireless intercom system with other components too.

You can add a WireFree Outdoor Wireless Intercom to your front door or even in your shower! Use this outdoor intercom at your front door to talk to visitors...or to get rid of a pesky door-to-door sales person without having to talk face to face. Shower Intercom

Since the outdoor intercom has only one large button on it, it can also be used as an emergency "panic" button for elderly or disabled people. Mounted to a wheel chair or near a bed, a single press of a button can open communication to the WireFree portable intercoms. Another good application for the Outdoor Intercom is for communicating with older children. Since it only has one big button, there is nothing for them to change. They can easily press a button to call you, or you can easily call them.

If you want to mount one of these WireFree portable units on a wall instead of a tabletop, they can be wall mounted using two screws. No special wall mount bracket is required. Outdoor Intercom

When you get your units, use these programming instructions to create your private network of intercoms: WireFree Programming Instructions

Warning: These units are not backwards compatible with units purchased before January, 2010.

For Frequently Asked Questions about these intercoms see the WireFree FAQS

We do not ship this product to Canada.

  • 4-channel wireless intercom system
  • Transmission range is up to 1000 feet between units
  • Putting a unit in Monitor Mode lets you monitor an area close to the intercom (requires an optional power supply in the Related Products and Accessories). It is recommended that all units have the optional power supply when Monitor Mode is used.
  • Multiple simultaneous conversations using 900MHz secure radio digital link
  • Connections are digital and fully secure
  • Two-way digital wireless voice communication
  • Expansion with additional units (up to 64 per network) can enhance your communication to multiple locations
  • Up to 2-year battery life; requires four AA batteries per unit (not included)
  • A 12 volt 300mA or larger center positive DC adapter (not included) can also be used instead of batteries
  • Each unit uses four "AA" batteries, not included
  • Intercom emits beeps when batteries are low
  • Paging function enables you to broadcast to all the stations in the location, and then speak to the responding station privately with a private, secured link
  • Conference mode enables you to communicate with all of the intercom stations in the network at the same time.
  • When Conference mode is off, a private conversation is set up between a paging unit and the responding unit.
  • Volume control
  • Compact size- each intercom unit measures less than 4" x 5.5" x 2".
  • Setup is extremely simple and can be done in under 2 minutes
  • Units can be wall mounted
  • Digital Spread Spectrum Technology for security and immunity to interference.
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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TRUE WIRELESS December 31, 2013
Reviewer: Dan from Indiana  
Don't go cheap, they only transmit through Your Household electrical system, setup and synching is a breeze, and if You have a problem, call these guys, NOT the mfg, if You are in SERIOUS need of reliability, this is the way to go

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wireless intercom December 6, 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
Too costly for our needs

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Wireless Intercom July 20, 2013
Reviewer: Brian D from Tinley Park, IL United States  
Works as advertized.  Good volume and clear audio.  Instructions might be more clear about need to synchronize the two units before they will hear each other.  Simple fix that worked the first time, when I realized I had to do that step.  Great unit and no wires!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
First impression March 21, 2013
Reviewer: Luan Chew from LaVergne, TN United States  
I purchased these units after looking for something whereby my grandchildren and family are moving into my 2 story home. There will be lots of time where they want to come down but have to have permission as the upstairs is set up as an "apartment". So, although I received them quickly, I have been renovating the quarters, so, I just opened them. Set up was simple...still looking for a space that I don't get interference. Next, will be to teach my 7 yr old granson how to operate and know if he needs grandma, he can ask instead of yelling downstairs in which I have to get up. Growing up 40 yrs ago, my parents had all the bedrooms "wired" with intercoms...so, that's what gave me the idea. It was great to find "wireless" ones as I didn't want to have to pay to rewire the home! In my case, as I just opened them and the family isn't moving in until April 15, my 45 days will expire before they are in use to return if they don't work as advertised.

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intercom December 27, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Houston, TX United States  
I bought two sets of intercoms from intercomsonline.com four weeks ago for use in our two-story home.  Both my wife and I were tired of shouting up and down stairs to let the other one know they were wanted on the phone or to answer some question.

The intercoms arrived within about five days of my order and were installed, networked and operating that evening.
We now have one in the kitchen, the study, the master dressing room and my upstairs office.  

No more shouting, no more frustrations!  Too early to know about longevity, battery life or performance over time, but the initial experience has been excellent.

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