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MURS Commercial Wireless Intercom (1 unit)
Desk or wall-mountable, indoor MURS desktop intercom and can open gates and doors
$366.00 $299.00 Sale
Hi-Def CAT-5 Door or Gate Intercom
For gates or doors where you want the best audio quality with noise cancellation.
Touch Screen Internet-Connected Video Intercom
Touch-screen Internet enabled for single-family or multi-tenant with 2-way video and app
MURS Wireless Outdoor Intercom with Base Station
Long range, weatherproof wireless outdoor intercom, battery-powered. Includes base station intercom
MURS Wireless Callbox with Handheld Radio
Long range, weatherproof wireless outdoor intercom, battery-powered. Includes handheld radio.
Master to Sub System
Provides simple wired, two-way communication between master and sub stations.
Large Screen Mobile Ready Video Intercom
Camera & inside monitor connect via wire. Monitor connects to smartphone app through Wi-Fi.
White Handset-to-Handset Intercom Set
White master to substation handset communication. 1 master and up to 3 substations.
Cellular Network Intercom with Keypad
Gate intercom uses cell phone service to call any phone. Requires monthly cell service
Wi-fi Video System with Keypad
A button press calls your smartphone. Talk to and see visitors and unlock a door or gate.
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