1. 10-Year FCC License

10-Year FCC License

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10-year FCC license that enables you to use business band UHF and VHF radios.
Part Number: FCC-License
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When you purchase a two way radio in the United States that operates in the business band VHF or UHF frequencies, the FCC requires that you get a license to operate them. Like all government requirements, paperwork will be involved and it can be confusing and time consuming.

Instead of going it alone through this process, we recommend that you use a licensing coordinator that handles all of the paperwork and processing. During this process, they'll ask some questions about your location, the radios you're using, and how they'll be used. Then they fill out all the forms and get them submitted to the FCC for approval.

When you purchase this we will have a licensing agent contact you and we will pay them for their services so you don't have to.

The license is for your business location so one license will cover all your radios.

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