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146D MURS Commercial Handheld Two-Way Radio (1 unit)

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Rugged commercial Handheld Two-Way Radio operates in VHF licensed or MURS unlicensed frequencies. Comes with recharging base.
Part Number: JMX-146D
If you are looking for durable, multiple featured VHF two-way radio then the 146D Commercial Handheld Two-Way Radio is the right one for you.

This commercial handheld has a coverage of 2 to 5-mile line-of-site outdoor range. Indoors it covers 250K-280K square feet or and 8-20 floors.

It has 10 channels and 21 field selectable frequencies from the business band and MURS frequencies.

This device has a LED display that's easy to read, a channel scan with NOAA weather alert and up to 11 hours of battery life. Also a fast battery wall charger is already included in the package.

This rugged, incredibly compact, 2 watt radio has 51 quiet call field selectable code frequencies so your radio won't hear radio transmissions except when a radio transmits with a matching quiet code.

When used with MURS frequencies it requires no license to operate. Other business band frequencies will require a license.

All these features come in one lightweight package that's so handy, easy to use yet tougher than your standard business radio. The 146D commercial handheld gives you convenience right at your fingertips!


  • 2 watts
  • 5 channels
  • VHF business band and MURS frequencies
  • LED display
  • 51 quiet call field selectable code frequencies
  • Battery life 9-11 hours
  • Field programmable or custom frequencies are PC programmable (with optional software kit SKU 416765).
  • Coverage: 2-5 miles line-of-site range, 250K-280K square feet indoors and 8-20 floors using VHF (10-25 floors with a UHF model that is available)
  • 21 field selectable frequencies (using PTT)
  • Channel scan: NOAA weather scan/alert
  • Audio accessory jacks
  • MURS certified - requires no license (VHF only)

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