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2 to 48 Unit Apartment Intercom Kit

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This is a reliable, simple to use apartment intercom that can accommodate 2 to 48 apartments. Inside audio stations are directly connected to the door station so no outside phone line is required.
Part Number: AP1025
LCD screen apartment intercomThe apartment intercom is an audio entrance station that is equipped with an audio module for communication, a 10-key pad for direct digital dialing, and a vacuum fluorescent display for a greeting message, tenant names and numbers, and system status. Inside audio stations are directly connected to the door station so no outside phone line is required. Therefore it will never incur additional phone company charges.

The system works on a common bus wiring system, carrying the calling and communication functions on a 2 conductor wire. The digital display requires power, so a separate pair of power wires is required from the power supply to the panel.

The Audio Tenant Stations are equipped with a Talk, Door Release, and Service button, which could be used for applications like turning on a light while speaking with a visitor at the entrance. This feature requires the optional External Activation Relay seen in the Related Products and Accessories.

When a visitor arrives at the door they simply press the call button for the residence they want to call. They will hear a low-volume call tone from the entrance station. When a visitor calls, the tenant stations rings, and is answered by one touch of the Talk button. The tenant station is designed to be surface mounted, and has a slim, streamlined design.

Communication is hands-free at the entrance station when a tenant answers the call, and is either voice activated hands-free or push-to-talk at the tenant station when speaking with the visitor.

When a tenant receives a call, they can press a door release button that will activate an electric door strike (not included with the system). The door release will only activate on the entrance station that is in communication with the tenant station. Depending on the electric door release system you use, the door release may only be active while the door release button is pressed.

This system comes with a PC programming cable and software that enables you to program resident apartment numbers and names into the display module. The apartment number can be 1 to 6-digit characters (0-9 A-Z). The resident name can contain up to 16 characters (0-9 A-Z . , - / etc.). If it is not necessary to register an apartment number. If you would rather enter only the resident names, a room number will automatically be assigned to each resident name. The software operates on the following systems: Microsoft Windows Me/2000/XP.

Wiring The System



To Program Tenant Stations

  1. To put the system into program mode, press and release the program button. The In-Use LED will blink for approximately 6-15 seconds, then remain lit solid.

  2. Press and release the talk button on the first tenant station. You should have hands-free communication between the tenant and the entry at this point.

  3. Scroll to the resident name and number you wish t o assign then press and release the bell (call) button. A short blip tone will be emitted at the entry panel indicating a successful program for that tenant.

  4. Press the talk button again on the tenant station to turn that unit off.


  • Hands free audio communication
  • Direct digit dialing, alphabetical scrolling, or "jump" scrolling by letter to select tenant name
  • Digital panel can store up to 500 tenant name/number locations
  • Alpha-numeric room numbers and/or names can be programmed
  • Access Control door entry with keypad with up to 20 unique codes to activate door release
  • Scrolling welcome message, up to 160 characters, adjustable scroll speed
  • VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) displays calling unit name and number
  • PC Program for loading resident information, access codes, and welcome message
  • Surface mounted with hooded box
  • Zinc die cast weather resistant construction
  • Standard system capacity, 5 entrances, 2 concierge, and 48 tenants (only comes equiped with 1 entrance)
  • Installer-Friendly Terminal Block: The terminal block can be removed from the station unit to makes installation easier and protects the station against theft during installatio.
  • Push-to-talk Function For noisy environments: Communication to the entry panel from the tenant can be push-to-talk instead of hands-free.
  • Entrance Monitoring Tenants can monitor the entry areas at any time. A call from any entry panel will have priority over tenant monitoring.
  • Direct-select entry panel can be configured to the exact number of tenants in a building and features a name card next to each button for identification.
  • Door Release: Less than 4A (resistance load), AC/DC 24 volts, dry closure contacts
  • Wiring: 2-conductor, solid, non-shielded 20 gauge
  • Wiring Distance: 980' with 20 AWG
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Entrance Station Dimensions: 13-5/16" Height x 6-1/8" Wide

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