45-Day Trial

Try Our Products For up to 45 Days

We know that choosing an intercom system can be confusing. We also know that if you are choosing a wireless intercom we can't give you an absolute guarantee that it will work in your application. There are are just too many factors that play a role in whether wireless products will work for you or not.

This is why we give you a 45-day trial period on our intercoms. Try them out and if you aren't satisfied with the performance of your system, just ship the units back to us with your order info. Just follow the return instructions on our website.

Then ship the package back to the address below via a carrier that can be tracked such as UPS, FedEx or United States Postal Service registered mail. We usually process refunds within 2 days of receipt of the package. The refund does not include the cost of shipping the product to you or your return shipping.

Returned and exchanged items must be accompanied by their original undamaged packaging, tags, warranty cards, documentation, and manuals. If packaging is missing we reserve the right to refuse the return or charge a 15% restocking fee. If the product comes back damaged because it was not put it back in its packaging the way it came to you, we may also charge a 15% restocking fee or return the product to you with no refund.

Callboxes are subject to a 15% restocking fee if you have drilled through cases to wire AC power or external antennas, or if you have damaged the unit in any way. It is recommended you test the unit with the case open and all antenna cables and AC wiring connected before you drill any holes.

To return an item simply send it back to the address below along with the full contact information for the person in the "Bill To" section of the order. Your packing slip or invoice contains sufficient information for us to locate your order. If the item is defective, please note this.

All returns will be sent to:

Returns Department
8161 Highway 100, #194
Nashville, TN 37221