The move to IP surveillance in the security industry continues to advance, but if you haven't yet made the switch, here are some reasons to do so:
  1. Improved Performance - New high performance features help security professionals meet customer needs more efficiently.
  2. Unlimited Scalability - Cameras can be easily and quickly installed or moved without losing investment in the original system.
  3. System Configuration Versatility - Video can be recorded and viewed anywhere on the network so staff can be centralized, therefore saving cost.
  4. Advanced Analytics - Intelligent analytics make it easier to search recorded material.
  5. System Integration - Other devices like access control, alarm/intrusion, and visitor management can be integrated together to improve operations and economics.
  6. Future Proofing - Flexible IP technology makes system additions easy and industry standard equipment and future software upgrades keep the system current.
  7. ROI and TCO - Return on Investment and Total Cost of Ownership improve with IP Surveillance.

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