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72" Pad-Mount Gooseneck Pole

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Your Price: $275.00
This 72" pedestal accommodates tall SUV, truck and bus height applications.
Part Number: PD1006

This 72" pedestal accommodates 18 wheeler-height applications. It's made with a larger, heavier gauge 8" x 8" baseplate but contains the same 4" x 4" universal faceplate as the other pedestals.

Standard Features of all Pedestal CEO Pedestals:

The faceplate design uses a universal hole pattern that fit hundreds (if not thousands) of electronics on the market.

All pedestals are made using 11 gauge (.120") steel instead of the lighter 14 gauge (.083") material others use. The use of heavy steel reduces the chance of damage or wobbling after installation.

Pad-mount pedestals come with heavy duty cover plates at no extra cost.

The powder-coating process used includes a 3-stage wash cycle, drying, a thorough covering of an outdoor-use polyester powdercoat, baking to powder's manufacturing specifications, and rapid cool down. Pedestals are built to last in the harshest outdoor weather.

All pedestals are boxed individually with the necessary carriage bolt hardware which eliminates the need to make a trip to the hardware store.

All In-Ground models contain a 1/2" drill/tapped conduit hole on the back side of the post for easy wiring.


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