Horse Barn Communication System

If you've got horses, chances are you spend a lot of time in a horse barn on your property. If you don't have a telephone system installed between the house and horse barn, you know that there are times when you want to talk to someone in the house without walking all the way back.

That's where the WireFree Wireless intercom system comes in handy. It has a 1000 foot range and is totally battery powered, or it can also be AC powered and you can use the batteries for backup power if the power goes out. So you can place these units anywhere.

There is even a wall-mountable waterproof outdoor wireless intercom. It's not horse-proof so you won't want to put it where they can chew on it, but otherwise it can withstand some rain and snow.

The next time your horse needs something from the kitchen, you'll be able to push a single button and have it delivered.

We also have our MURS 4-Mile Range Wireless Intercom you can use if your barn is further away and you have AC power in the barn.