Shopping Cart Security

SSL Security

The website has an SSL certificate for your protection. An SSL certificate is a tool that ensures the safe communication of sensitive data upon submission to a website, particularly personally identifying information and credit card numbers.

SSL certificates encrypt information at the time payments are submitted so internet hackers can't read the information as it is flowing across the information superhighway. Once the data reaches the intended destination, it's then decrypted into original form for use. Our shopping basket system automatically establishes an SSL connection prior to the completion of your order

Newer versions of most popular Internet browsers support 128-bit-or-higher data encryption, which is almost mathematically impossible to crack.

In addition to the protection offered by your credit card provider, our shopping cart provider provides a $10,000 warranty. By issuing an SSL certificate to us, they have verified that our site is not fraudulent, but if you were to lose money due to fraud, the warranty amount reimburses you for any lost funds.

Data Center is PCI Certified to Protect You

Rest assured that your most sensitive data is secure with the fully PCI Certified solution we use. For over six years, our shopping cart provider has achieved and exceeded PCI standards with rigorous security screenings and the voluntary installation of advanced hardware, all to ensure that your business remains safe from harm.

Our shopping cart goes above and beyond to keep your data secure:

  • 100% PCI/CISP Certified by Visa
  • 128 - bit SSL Security with full HTTPS Support Dedicated, Dual Firewalls
  • Award Winning Proactive Hacker Protection
  • Leading Proactive Anti-Virus Management
  • Secure, Unmarked Facility with 24x7x365 Surveillance
  • Stringent Information Security, Privacy, & Change Management Procedures
  • Independent Audits of Physical Security