Finally, Long-Range Wireless Two-Way Communication and Remote Entrance Unlocking In a Compact, Attractive Housing.

The Longest-Range Outdoor Wireless Intercom Puts Two-Way Communication Anywhere You Need It!

Nashville, TN, January 11, 2012 - Usually an outdoor wireless intercom capable of long range has a big-and-bulky, industrial appearance. is now offering the longest-range outdoor wireless intercom system available from RoveTec that not only provides two-way communication and remote entrance unlocking, but also has an attractive appearance.

The MURS Multi-Mile Wireless Communication System's metal housing and stainless steel front, along with its waterproof internal housing make it both vandal and weather resistant. Its attractive design fits in well at locations such as residential gates, office building main entrances, or any application that requires a durable yet unobtrusive appearance.

Says RoveTec marketing director David Onslow, "Until now if you wanted long-range wireless communications at a security door or gate, you could only choose from industrial-looking intercoms or wireless call boxes that look like what you would see on the side of a busy highway. With the MURS Multi-Mile wireless outdoor intercom, you now not only have an attractive option, but it also offers communication at distances not achieved by other wireless intercoms."

With most wireless intercoms, communication range is less than a thousand feet under ideal conditions. With the MURS Multi-Mile system distances measured in miles can be reached. It has a one-watt or two-watt power setting for varying the range, plus placing its included externally-mounted antenna as high as possible will also extend communication range.

An internal switch within the intercom can be used to activate a door or gate controller, switch on a light, sound an alarm, or for any application where remote control of an on/off switch is needed. This remotely activated feature saves unwanted trips, reduces labor expense, provides extra security, increases customer service, or can be used for any other labor or cost saving application. The switch is activated using a handheld radio from anywhere the signal will reach.

A built in audio surveillance capability of this system enables users to activate a monitor capability to listen in to the area around the intercom. This feature can be used simultaneously with the gate or door opening ability so users can listen in as a visitor enters.

The MURS Multi-Mile Wireless intercom operates on one of five channels in the unlicensed MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) frequencies so users won't have to go through the hassle and expense of licensing.

This outdoor wireless intercom can be used for security gates, delivery doors, loading docks, golf course order systems, office entry systems, boat docks, parking lot security, construction elevators, truck scales, OSHA compliance, storage facilities, areas of refuge, campgrounds, school playgrounds, etc. With the intercom's long range and variety of power options, how it is used is only limited by one's imagination.

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