Residential Gate Access Control Systems

When trying to select residential gate access control systems there are several questions to ask:

  1. Do you want a wireless or wired system?
  2. Do you need audio and video, or just audio only?
  3. Are there any obstructions like trees or buildings between the gate and house?
  4. Do you want to receive calls even when not home?
  5. Can you get a good Wi-Fi or cell phone signal at the gate?
  6. Are you willing to pay a monthly fee or do you want fee-free?
  7. Do you need to open the gate remotely?

We have wireless systems that can allow you to see and talk to visitors even when you aren't home as long as you have a good data connection on your smartphone. These intercoms require a strong Wi-Fi or cell phone signal at the gate. We do have a wired system that has Wi-Fi capability at the house so you can also get these same features on a wired system.

If you want to open the gate remotely you will need to have a gate opener installed. It really doesn't matter what kind of gate opener you have these units will trigger the opening. You just have to run two wires over to your gate opener.

If you want us to help you choose the right gate access control system for your needs, call our experts at 888-298-9489.

residential gate access control systems