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Driveway Alarms

Increase your security by adding adding a driveway alarm along your driveway. You'll know instantly when someone arrives. We even have models that have two way voice communication or a range up to several miles away.
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Motion detector unit MURS Alert transmitter

This MURS Alert for use with a MURS base station or a handheld unit. If you previously purchased a MURS 4-Mile Range Intercom or you are buying a MURS Alert Kit and need an additional transmitter to monitor another location, then you would purchase this.

Our Price: $127.00
Motion detector and base station MURS Alert Base Kit

If you need a driveway alarm with long range, this one goes up to four miles!. It doesn't have an voice communications, but it can handle up to 4 zones.

Our Price: $216.00
Sale Price: $189.00
You save $27.00!
Motion detector and two way radio MURS Alert Handheld Kit - One MURS Alert and one handheld

A MURS Alert can detect people, vehicles, or large animals, and then send an alert message to the MURS 4 Mile Range Intercom base station or the MURS Handheld. Up to four different zones can be monitored simultaneously using four MURS Alert units.

Our Price: $226.00
Sale Price: $189.00
You save $37.00!
Driveway probe send voice message when activated. MURS Alert Probe Sensor

This metal detecting probe for use with a MURS base station or a handheld unit will not give false signals from large animals or other moving sources.

Our Price: $239.97
Sale Price: $209.97
You save $30.00!
One-Mile Motion Detector and Receiver Kit One-Mile Motion Detector and Receiver Kit

This motion sensor alarm kit sends an alarm notification to a receiver that can be up to 1-mile away. Of course the range is determined by the environment you put it in.

The motion sensor can detect a person or vehicle from 50 feet away.

The receiver can play one of 12 different tunes. The tune is actually set at the motion sensor so that way you can have multiple sensors and use the tune to identify which sensor has been triggered.

Our Price: $99.00
Use a two way radio to remotely activate a switch UHF Wireless Switch Control

MURS Wireless Switch Control is ideal for any ideal for any application where a contact closure is needed to remotely control devices of all types.

Our Price: $995.00
Cell Network Gate Opener Switch Cell Network Gate Opener Switch

Remotely control gates and doors from anywhere in the world. Uses cell phone service from AT&T or T-Mobile.

Our Price: $785.00