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Long-Distance Two-Wire Video Intercom

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This video intercom can use an existing 2 wires for a wiring distances of up to 1000 feet. Voice messages and visual signals make the camera ADA compliant
Part Number: AL1001
Most wired video intercoms have a distance limitation of around 330 feet. This one can go up to 1000 feet and it can use pre-existing two-wire cable you already have installed. This AL1001 hands-free intercom with a 7.0" color monitor is used for a single-family home with up to four (4) entry door stations.

The attractive monitor conveniently mounts right on the wall and is only 0.75" deep. The monitor features an easy to use on-screen display (OSD) to easily navigate through its multiple functions, as well as big front buttons for call answering and door release. The menu functions are controlled by the front-mounted capacitive (soft touch) navigation buttons.

The monitor has a crystal clear thin-film-transistor LCD display with an 800 x 480 size (measured diagonally) An on-screen menu controls system functions and hands-free voice. The monitor has an electret condenser microphone for exceptional half-duplex digital voice fidelity. 

The monitor and camera connect using a simple 2-conductor non-polarized wiring. 

The camera module has a 104° wide-angle color camera, speaker/microphone, white LEDs for low light conditions, call button, adjustable voice volume control, 12VDC door release output, and N/O relay for other door release voltages and types.

The camera is ADA compliant and has have visual signals to assist hearing-impaired individuals and voices message to assist visually-impaired individuals (in 5 languages), which can be disabled if desired.

If vocal synthesis is enabled on the sound module the following voice messages can be heard on the door panel:
- While calling: “Call is in progress”.
- During door release: “Door Opened!”.
- End of communication: “Communication is finished”.
- Calling at one door panel while another door panel is communicating (if there is more than one door panel): “System is busy, try later”.
- While calling and the monitor is in "Do not disturb" mode: “Call is in progress”.
- While calling (apartment with no monitor or telephone): “Resident Unavailable”.

The system is pre-programmed and ready to go. Just connect your wires between the door camera, inside monitor, and your electric door strike.

This kit includes:
1 Surface-mount 7-inch monitor
1 Color camera intercom module
1 System power supply
1 Aluminum surface-mount backbox with rainhood and panel with 1 push button Box Dimensions: 5.00"W x 6.00"H x 3.50"D (127mm W x 152mm H x 89mm D)

  • 7.0" (diagonal) Crystal Clear Color TFT (800 x 480) Video Screen 
  • Big front button controls for call answering (voice) and door release
  • Uses simple 2-conductor non-polarized (loop) wiring
  • Up to four (4) monitors can be called from a single call button (or 16 in VILLA mode)
  • Easy Installation (optional desk mounting using desk adapter)
  • Selectable ring tones
  • Rugged and Reliable. Simple to Operate
  • Low profile surface monitor protrudes only 0.75" from wall
  • Magnetic bracket for easy installation
  • Menu available in 5 different languages
  • Selective intercom function to other monitors
  • Spy function and self-activation up to four (4) entry panels
  • Adjustable communication and ring tone volumes
  • Sound repeater output
  • Control of two (2) relay outputs at video module
  • Staircase light activation through power supply
  • Activation up to four (4) external cameras (requires additional components)
  • Easy monitor programming using DIP switches
  • Additional light controls (requires optional stair light relay)
  • Dimensions: 8.30"W (211mm) x 5.45"H (139mm) x 0.75"D (20mm). All dimensions shown are outside dimensions for the portion of the monitor protruding off of the finished wall.

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