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Two Way Radio Wireless PA

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The Wireless PA (Public Address) is a radio receiver that allows you to use a base station intercom or mobile 2-way radio to deliver voice messages directly to an attached PA speaker up to several miles away depending on the installation.

You'll use this solution where hardwired installation is simply impossible, too expensive, or the installation is only temporary. The Wireless Public Address receiver and PA speaker are designed for quick setup and usage to deliver your message to a large campus or property.

You can use a dedicated communications channel between the Wireless PA and the radios or intercoms that are contacting it, which enables you to use your radios or intercoms for normal communications without broadcasting over the PA system.

To widen the coverage area, you can install up to two loudspeakers on a single Wireless PA receiver. As a general rule each of the speakers will cover up to 7500 feet, but we have seen greater coverage in areas that are not excessively loud. Each speaker comes with a 25 ft. cable. Cables can be extended by using standard RCA phono cables and couplers.

When 2-way radios are used in the same area as the Wireless Public Address speaker, feedback may result that can render the system unusable. For those applications the receiver can be programmed to record the incoming messages and play them back over the speaker when the talk button is released on the 2-way radio. Recorded messages are limited to a maximum of 20 seconds.

MURS Wireless PA systemThe Wireless PA receiver requires 110VAC power. It also comes equipped with an emergency backup battery that can temporarily power the radio if primary power is interrupted. The rechargeable battery backup is not intended to operate the radio for an extended period of time. A heavy duty external +12 VDC battery can also be used to power the receiver and the receiver can be configured for powered operation to maximize battery life. A solar panel kit can be used to power the Wireless PA receiver without the need for a power supply in locations where AC power is not available.

An optional magnet-mount external antenna can be installed at a higher elevation to increase receiving range.

The radio receiver box is not waterproof so it should be located inside out of the elements. There is an available weatherproof, fiberglass reinforced polyester enclosure designed to house the Wireless PA receiver and antenna that can be used for outdoor applications.

In heavily populated areas where other radios may be in use, this unit has the "2-Tone Decode" capability that enables it to only receive pages from other radios with the "2-Tone Encode" feature.

Once installed, operating the Wireless Public Address radio receiver requires no human contact. The Wireless PA reduces installation costs that would otherwise be incurred by using a wired PA system.

The system comes pre-programmed to Channel 2 of the MURS frequencies, but it can be programmed to match almost any two-way radio. When you receive the system make sure your other radios are set to channel 2.


Wireless PA Notification System
  • Rugged, Industrial-Grade VHF/UHF business band receiver. Compatible with other analog business band 2-way radios.
  • Business Band Frequencies. Models include: VHF 150-165MHz (includes 5 MURS license-free business use only frequencies) or UHF, 450-470MHz.
  • DMR Digital, Tier-2 device VHF/UHF bands.
  • Built-in 8 Watt PA amplifier*.
  • Indoor/outdoor rated PA loudspeaker with mounting bracket.
  • Receiver is indoor rated only. Install in non-corrosive environments, away from the elements. See optional weatherproof housing for outdoor or other potentially corrosive environments.
  • LM receiver housed in gasket-sealed enclosure, measures 7" H x 5" W x 3" D, 2lbs.
  • Includes wall mounting bracket. Optional enclosure for outdoors or harsh environments.
  • Field Programmable Privacy Codes (digital and analog). Choose from 153 possible codes for added PA security access.
  • Field Programmable "Paging Codes" Select 1 of 9 different "paging codes" for added PA security access.
  • Volume Settings allows "best-fit" for a variety of applications.
  • "LIVE" PA mode or Record-And-Play mode, configurable. Note: Record-and-Play operation recommended for use of maximum number of product features.
  • Automatic Message Repeat* Feature - Repeats message from 1 to 4 times consecutively when LM recevier in Record-And-Play mode.
  • Visual Alert Option - Built-in relay allows use of an optional strobe light - provides advance visual indication of an incoming PA message.
  • "Custom" Configuration via PC Programming - Can also be PC programmed using special Ritron programming software to “custom” frequencies or even radio repeaters.
  • Loud Audio Output - PA horn speaker delivers up to 85dB of audio output @ 50 feet to get your message out loud and clear.
  • LM Receiver Supports Up To 2 PA Speakers - With optional "Y" adapter (#RYCONN) and 1 additional PA speaker (#05500040), LM receiver can provide multi-direction PA coverage.
  • Multi-Zone Paging Capability - Multiple paging zones can be configured using 2-tone codes. Allows properly configured 2-way radios to access more than one PA speaker/zone.
  • Operating Temperature: -22º F to +140º F
  • Receiver sensitivity - 12dB SINAD @ .20µV
  • Frequency Response: 300 to 3000 Hz de-emphasized
  • Signaling Capability - CTCSS and DCS decode, 2-Tone Decode
  • Optional Back-up Battery - #BP-LM-Li22
  • Designed and Made in the USA

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