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Gooseneck Pole Mount Cellular Network Intercom with Keypad
Pole mount GSM intercom with keypad

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Item Code: IO1038
Our Price: $1,225.00


What if you could eliminate the expensive and messy trenching and wiring required to place a telephone entry system at your door or gate, but when a visitor arrived and pressed a button, you could still talk to them no matter where in the world you are? Plus you could even unlock or open that door or gate? The new Infinite-Range Wireless Cell Phone Network Intercoms enable you to do all that.

As long as your gate or door is within range of a cell phone tower, then this intercom's range is infinite. You could be on the other side of the Earth and still talk to visitors for as little as 5 cents per visitor if you need to purchase new cell phone service. If you already have AT&T or T-Mobile wireless service, you may be able to just add this intercom to your existing plan with a small monthly fee. Some visitors won't cost anything as you'll see in a bit.

By pressing keys on your telephone keypad you can unlock a door or activate a gate opener so if the delivery person comes while you're out, you can easily let them in. All you have to do is answer a call from the intercom, and press * to open the gate. If you're having a party or there is some reason you need the gate to remain open, pressing # will keep the internal relay open so your gate should remain open (verify that your gate opener supports this). You can send text messages to the intercom to close the gate or to check the status to find out if it is open or closed.

You can program up to three telephone numbers in the IO1038, whether they are landline telephones or cell phones. When a visitor arrives at the intercom and presses the button, it dials the first number. If the first number does not answer, the intercom dials the second number after the programmed "no answer" time is reached, and it repeats the procedure for the third number. So your visitors should always be able to reach someone and you won't miss important deliveries or visitors.

If you're using the IO1038 at a driveway gate, you and up to 99 other people can also use their cell phone as a gate opener remote control. The intercom allows up to 100 telephone numbers to be stored internally for users to be able to call the system for automatic entry. The IO1038 uses the caller ID of a mobile phone to identify callers, and when it identifies callers on the list, it activates its internal relay, which opens the gate. You can program in numbers for delivery drivers, landscaping personnel, friends, family members, or anyone who needs access to your property. All they have to do is call the phone number for the intercom and the gate opens. Since the system doesn't actually answer the phone call, it doesn't use any minutes from your cell phone plan! It is also more secure than typical wireless remotes since the gate won't open without the correct Caller ID coming in with a call.

Use Text Messaging to Control Your Gate You can also use the standard SMS (Short Message Service) text messaging service of your phone to control the gate. If you're having a party and you decide you want to latch the gate open until after the party, just send *34 and whatever your passcode is to the gate and it will open and stay open until you send the *35 code. If you install a sensor switch, you can also check to see if the gate is opened or closed. If you just want to let someone in and have the gate automatically close, just send *33. You won't get this kind of flexibility on standard gate intercoms!

With the IO1038 there is no need to run a telephone line or wires to the system, thereby eliminate the expense and mess associated with that task You can pay for many years of service with the money you'll save, plus you'll get benefits you just can't get from other systems.

Cellular Phone Service

In the United States there are two technologies used for cellular telephone service. One is GSM which stands for Global System for Mobile used by AT&T and T-Mobile, as well as almost every other cellular carrier elsewhere in the world. The other technology is CDMA which stands for Code Division Multiple Access, and is used by Sprint and Verizon in the US, as well as a few other companies in Asia and South America. There are other service providers you can choose besides AT&T and T-Mobile that use GSM (they just contract with these GSM carriers to use their service so you are still using either AT&T and T-Mobile service).

To use this intercom you will be required to have a 4G GSM-based telephone service. GSM-based mobile phone service requires use of a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM), which is an integrated circuit that securely stores information needed to identify and authenticate subscribers on mobile telephony devices.

This unit has a 4G SIM card included and instructions on how to activate it. Click this link for more details: Cell Phone Network Plan

This intercom has the following features:

  • All-in-one design with the control module built in for ease of installation
  • Heavy-duty, industrial enclosure with rain hood keeps weather and vandals out
  • Hinged front lockable door for easy access
  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • 4-watt speaker provides extra volume for noisy applications
  • Gooseneck pole mount hole pattern on the back for mounting it on one of our mounting pedestals: Pedestal Mounting Poles
  • Keypad included as standard so guests can easily unlock the gate

  • Tough yet attractive call point, vandal resistant, all stainless steel construction
  • GSM-based intercom using either AT&T or T-Mobile mobile cell phone networks,
  • Gate / Door release relay built in, simply key press to open!
  • Compatible with any door or gate opener that needs a switch closure to operate.
  • Relay outputs to control most door locks and gate automation systems (volt free).
  • Momentary, latch and unlatch control of the output when the intercom calls a phone.
  • Built-in time clock control
  • Remotely program your keypad codes by app
  • Automatic 7-day open/close control by app
  • Activity log (see who opened your gates and when)
  • No range limit (just requires cell phone service at the mounting point).
  • Rings up to 3 telephone numbers in sequence when the call button pressed.
  • Access control for up to 100 numbers using caller ID, at no call cost to users (ring intercom to open gate or door).
  • Speech panel and separate IP65 enclosure to safely house GSM module out of sight.
  • Send SMS text message to the intercom to trigger, latch or unlatch the relay.
  • Using a limit switch (a burglar alarm-type switch), users can send SMS to the intercom to check if their gate or door is opened or closed.
  • Users can send SMS to interrogate the unit in order to get a list of all programmed telephone numbers.
  • Open access mode - any non stored number can call the intercom and press * to open. Password mode requires a 4 digit code.
  • Illuminated keypad for up to 1000 entry codes. Keypad has 3 outputs. All can be programmed for momentary and latching operation.
  • Top-mounted vandal-proof puck antenna so no need to mount separate antenna, unless in low reception areas.
  • Works with mobile phones and land lines.
  • SMA female antenna connector (not RP) on circuit board
  • Complete with 12v power supply. (Requires 12 VDC, 1 amp power)
  • Current draw: 55mA on standby, 330mA when dialing (Models with a keypad have a 72mA standby)
  • Can be powered from a gate operator supply.
  • Dimensions: 5.5" H x 10.3" W, Depth (top) 4.1", Depth (bottom) 2.8"
  • Two year limited warranty

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