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Two Way Radio UHF Wireless PA Interface
Use wireless radios to transmit to a wired PA system

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The Two-Way Radio UHF Wireless PA Interface receiver allows someone on a two-way radio or base station intercom to send an announcement to all the wired speakers in a PA/Intercom system. The Wireless PA Interface receiver can be connected to an existing wired system and it can receive transmissions from up to a mile away. Radio range can be extended with the use of an external antenna.

This device can also be used in conjunction with the UHF Wireless PA System on the same frequencies.The difference between the UHF Wireless PA Interface and the UHF Wireless PA System is that the Wireless PA Interface does not have a built-in audio amplifier. The built-in audio amplifier allows the UHF Wireless PA System receiver to drive up to 2 PA horn speakers as a stand alone system. The UHF Wireless PA Interface receiver is designed to be connected to an existing PA/intercom system with its own PA amplifier and wired speakers. The UHF Wireless PA Interface receiver also does not include a back-up battery since it is merely a component of a larger system usually powered by AC and its own battery back-up system.

The UHF Wireless PA Interface will block out any signals that it receives that are not programmed with one of the selective signaling formats it uses. It can be paged with 2-way radios programmed for Quiet Call (CTCSS), Digital Quiet Call (DCS), 2-Tone Paging, or Selcall paging formats. Each format offers a unique method of paging the receiver and they ensure that not just anyone can use your PA system.

The UHF Wireless PA Interface connects to the PA system either via RCA Phono Cables if it is located within six feet of the wireless PA system, or via the 600 ohm balanced MIC input on the PA system if it is further. A typical balanced cable contains two identical wires, which are twisted together and then wrapped with a third conductor (foil or braid) that acts as a shield.

Once installed, operating the UHF Wireless PA Interface requires no human contact. Portable, base station or mobile two-way radios can deliver voice messages directly to a PA system with a simple press of the Push-to-Talk button for either live or recorded playback.

  • Models are available in VHF (150-162 MHz) and UHF (450-470MHz) frequency bands. Provides compatibility with business band 2-way radios, License-FREE MURS business band radios, Family Radio Service and GMRS radios.
  • Provides interconnection to the Public Address amplifier through a high impedance, unbalanced AUX input OR a 600Ω, balanced MIC input.
  • Allows personnel to remain mobile while providing access via 2-way radio access to existing PA speakers located throughout the facility.
  • If the AUX input of the PA/Intercom amplifier is already used (ie: stereo tuner for background music) the Wireless PA Interface is installed in-between the audio source (stereo tuner) and the PA/Intercom amplifier. When the Wireless PA Interface-Series receives a message the audio source is interrupted and the received message is sent to the PA/Intercom amplifier instead. "Record and Play" allows use of radios in close proximity to PA speakers without feedback. The Wireless PA Interface records/buffers received messages up to 30 seconds in length, then plays them over the PA immediately after releasing the PTT button on the radio.
  • Easy "Plug and Play" installation.
  • Programmable volume control adjusts audio output level 5-99%. Allows custom adjustment for most applications.
  • AUX OUT connects to the high impedance, unbalanced AUX input of the PA amplifier.
  • If used, a CD player, tuner or tape player connects to AUX IN 600Ω BALANCED connects to the 600Ω balanced input of the PA amplifier.
  • Selective signaling includes QC, DQC, Selcall, 2-Tone to provide an added layer of access control to the PA system.
  • Pre-announce tone (similar to existing PA systems) with programmable on/off and volume level.
  • NOAA Weather Alert (VHF models only).
  • Field or PC programmable to frequencies within the respective band (i.e. VHF: 150-165 MHz, UHF: 450-470 MHz) You must order either a UHF or VHF compatible model.
  • The Wireless PA Interface-Series is for interface only to an existing PA system, it cannot drive a loudspeaker by itself.
  • The Wireless PA Interface-Series is for indoor use ONLY.
  • Receiver physical dimensions 7.0"H x 5.0"W x 3.0"D
  • Power supply voltage: 12.5 VDC @ 1.2A
  • One year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Designed, manufactured, and serviced in the USA

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