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Wireless Drive-Thru Intercom

For drive up window applications that need an intercom system, but you cannot run wires, a wireless drive thru intercom system solves that problem. Most drive-thru intercoms have a wireless headset but they still require a wire to be run between the building and the drive-thru lane. Since the lanes are typically concrete this can be cost prohibitive. At IntercomsOnline one of our solutions can be totally wireless.

Our Wireless Simultaneous Talk and Receive Intercom is a full duplex wireless intercom, which means the conversation is two-way just like a phone call. There is a button on the outside unit that the customer could press to call, however you can place an optical sensor on the outdoor unit that will automatically trigger a call to the inside unit. The monitoring employee then presses a button to answer the call. A conversation can then occur. The only potential downside to this solution is there is no headset option available for the inside unit so the conversation is done via an open microphone on the intercom.

The off-the-shelf configuration of this unit does not allow you to place a call to the outside station. You can only answer calls that originate from the outside. We recommend getting the optional firmware upgrade that enables you to make a call to the outside unit and have it auto answer. That way you can call back if for some reason you need to or you already know the customer is there.

This system consists of a base station intercom that sits on a countertop near the cash register, and a durable, weatherproof outside steel callbox for the customer. A stainless steel wall mount inside station is also available for extreme durability and is easy to clean. The callbox has background noise immunity so when noisy vehicles pull up to it, clear voice communication can still take place. Both devices come with power supplies that need to be plugged into an AC outlet.

A third optional part is an optical sensor or perhaps a probe sensor that detects the presence of the metal vehicle.

See the products below and give us a call if you would have further questions on this wireless drive thru intercom system.

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Full Duplex Intercom Simultaneous Talk and Receive Wireless Gate System

This system enables simultaneous two-way communication without having to press buttons to speak. Can be used at security gates or doors or wherever voice communication is needed.

Our Price: $1,995.00
Sale Price: $1,795.00
You save $200.00!
Full Duplex Intercom Simultaneous Talk and Receive Wall Mount Kit

This full-duplex digital intercom has an extremely durable inside intercom that can be wall mounted in areas where it could get banged up.

Our Price: $2,099.00
Sale Price: $1,800.00
You save $299.00!
High-Definition Audio Wired Truck Scale Intercom Kit High-Definition Audio Wired Truck Scale Intercom Kit

Truck scales need loudness with noise cancellation and this system gives you the absolute best of both of them.

Our Price: $2,100.00