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Wireless Gate Intercom Systems for Home or Business

A wireless gate intercom systems for home or business is used at driveway gates, security gates, or entry gates There are several technologies and the right one for you depends on factors like distance from your house or business, and the features you require.

Two-Way Radio Frequency Gate Intercom

two way radio intercomThese units use the same radio frequencies as business band two-way radios. They are available in UHF or VHF frequencies and can match a channel on existing handheld radios you have. We also offer outdoor intercoms in the MURS (multi-use radio service) frequencies. These do not require an FCC license and can be used for both commercial and residential applications. Two-way radio gate intercoms work just like walkie talkies that are push-to-talk and release to listen. The instructions for use are printed right on the gate intercom callbox. There are both handheld walkie talkies and base station intercoms that communicate with the gate.

These units can have a range of a mile or even more under ideal conditions. Like all the intercoms here you can connect to electric gate openers to open the gate remotely.

Mobile Phone Technology Gate Intercom

cell phone network intercomThe same technology that powers your cell phone has now been developed into an outdoor intercom that you can use at your gate. This essentially makes the range of these gate intercoms infinite as long as you have cell phone service at the driveway gate. When visitors arrive at the gate they press the button and it will call up to 3 telephone numbers you have programmed in the system. They can be cell phones or landline phones. So no matter where in the world you are you can talk to visitors and even open the gate.

One nice feature of these units is that you can program the phone numbers of friends, family, landscape people, or anyone you want into the system and when these people call the gate intercom, it will automatically open the gate. It uses the calling line ID it receives to activate the opener.

You can also send text messages to the gate to open it or hold it open if you are having an event where many people need to get in.

Wi-Fi Gate Intercom

A Wi-Fi gate intercom uses your Internet service and requires service at your gate. There are Wi-Fi extenders that can send a signal several thousand feet if you can put an antenna on the outside of your building.

The main difference with this intercom is that it has a camera so you can see video of who is at the gate. It sends both voice and video to an app on your smart phone or to a touch screen in your house or business. Like the cell phone intercom you can receive calls no matter where you are as long as you have Internet service on your phone.

Digital Gate Intercom

digital intercomA digital gate intercom uses 900 Megahertz spread spectrum frequencies. Unlike the two-way radio frequencies where only one party can speak at a time, these intercoms are full-duplex like a phone call. Both parties can speak at the same time.

The range on these is a little shorter but they can still reach a distance of 4000 feet under ideal conditions. They communicate from the gate back to an inside base station intercom. There are no portable options available with this solution. We have a high volume solution available for very noisy vehicles.

If you have any questions about these wireless gate intercom systems for home or business, feel free to call 888-298-9489 and talk to one of our experts. We will gladly guide you to the correct solution for your driveway gate.

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Long Range Wireless Gate Intercom MURS Long Range Wireless Gate Intercom with Relay - Black

This long-range callbox has a built in switch for activating a gate controller or electric door strike and can be used with any of our MURS radios. Black or green housings.

Our Price: $699.00
Sale Price: $635.00
You save $64.00!
Wireless Gate Intercom System MURS Wireless Gate Intercom System with Relay - Green

Like our black version of this long-range compact callbox this has a relay switch for activating a gate opener or electric door lock.

Our Price: $699.00
Sale Price: $635.00
You save $64.00!
gate intercom with gate controller relay UHF Compact Wireless Call Box with Relay - Green

If you need an intercom at a gate or door and want remote opening, this callbox can allow you to use existing UHF 2-way radios. Or we can provide them.

Our Price: $699.00
Sale Price: $635.00
You save $64.00!
UHF outdoor 2-way  radio UHF Compact Wireless Call Box with Relay - Black

UHF callboxes like this one use business band 2-way radio frequencies and you can have your own frequency assigned for clutter-free communication. This one can open a gate or door.

Our Price: $699.00
Sale Price: $635.00
You save $64.00!
Cell Network Gate Opener Switch Cell Network Gate Opener Switch

Remotely control gates and doors from anywhere in the world. Uses cell phone service from AT&T or T-Mobile.

Our Price: $785.00
Wireless outdoor intercom transmits voice messages UHF 450-470Mhz Callbox XT Outdoor with Voice Messages

This wireless call box outdoor intercom gives you wireless gate control, plus it transmits and plays pre-recorded messages. Use it to give the caller a message or to announce which callbox is calling.

Our Price: $995.00
Gate Relay Two Way Radio Call Box MURS Callbox XT Outdoor with Gate Relay

If you need a wireless outdoor gate radio that opens an external gate or door, this device is the system you need.

Our Price: $997.00
Pole mount GSM intercom with keypad Gooseneck Pole Mount Cellular Network Intercom with Keypad

This gate intercom uses cell phone service from AT&T and T-Mobile to call any landline or cellphone. Requires a monthly service of $19.95 a month

Our Price: $1,225.00
Handset Gate Intercom System with Keypad Handset Gate Intercom System with Keypad

This is a wireless gate intercom with up to a 600 foot range and you answer calls with a wireless handset. Can have up to 4 handsets.

Our Price: $1,450.00
Handset Door Intercom System with Keypad Handset Door Intercom System with Keypad

Handset Gate Intercom System with Keypad

Our Price: $1,450.00
Wifi Video Gate Intercom with Keypad Wifi Video System with Keypad

When someone presses the button on this wireless system it calls your smart phone no matter where you are. You can talk to visitors and unlock a door or gate even if you're on the other side of the world.

Our Price: $1,599.00
Sale Price: $1,499.00
You save $100.00!
10 Unit Apartment Cellular Access System 10 Unit Apartment Cellular Access System

This intercom uses GSM cell phone service and has has 10 illuminated buttons that can be assigned to 10 houses or apartments. It can call up to 3 phone numbers per tenant.

Our Price: $1,525.00
Cellular Network Apartment Intercom Cellular Network 100-Unit Apartment Intercom

If your building has 100 or less tenants, this wireless intercom can serve them. It will call their mobile or landline phone. Requires a monthly cell phone plan.

Our Price: $1,740.00
GSM 500 Apartment Intercom Cellular Network 500-Unit Apartment Intercom

This is for a large multi-tenant building for up to 500 tenants. Choosing a tenant is done via a menu on an LCD screen. Uses cell phone service so it does not require wires other than power.

Our Price: $1,899.00
Full Duplex Intercom with keypad Simultaneous Talk and Receive System with Keypad

This system enables simultaneous two-way communication without having to press buttons to speak. Has a keypad for entry.

Our Price: $2,060.00
Full Duplex Intercom Simultaneous Talk and Receive Surface Mount Kit

This full-duplex digital intercom has an extremely durable inside intercom that can be wall mounted in areas where it could get banged up.

Our Price: $2,099.00