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Wireless Truck Scale Intercoms
Truck scale intercoms in general have lots of challenges with the noise of the trucks, different truck heights, and various other issues. Wireless truck scale intercoms of course have other challenges, but we have overcome most of them with our wireless truck scale intercom kits shown below.

Also for more detailed information to help you cover all the issues with these systems, see our article and free PDF download here: truck scale intercom
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Full Duplex Intercom Full Duplex Wireless Truck Scale Intercom with Amplified Horn Speaker

This system has extra loudness so it makes a great truck scale wireless intercom system. With a motion sensor it can sense when a truck pulls up and then place a call. Full two-way communication can occur.

Our Price: $2,460.00
Full Duplex Intercom Hi-Volume Simultaneous Talk and Receive Surface Mount Kit

The is the ultimate truck scale system. It can automatically sense when a truck pulls up and then place a call. The other side can respond and full two-way communication takes place without button presses.

Our Price: $2,490.00