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AES 703 Spartan Wireless 2-4 Unit Apartment Intercom

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This is a wireless solution for multi-tenant buildings up to four units. The inside units can be wall or desk mounted or you can have a mobile handset.
Part Number: AE1008

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When you need an intercom system for a multi-tenant building, but you can't run wires and you don't want to pay a monthly fee, then this intercom is for you.

It uses digital D.E.C.T 6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology so no wires are required.

The hooded intercom unit at the front door contains either 2 or 4 buttons and each button is assigned to a handset. So when the button is pressed for apartment one, it goes to the handset for apartment one and so on. As an added bonus, there is a built in voice mail system so if the tenant isn't home, people can leave a message for them. The tenant listens to the message on their handset.

If you need a keypad so tenants can open the door without having a key, an keypad option is available.

  • Digital D.E.C.T wireless intercom system for flats, apartments or shared gate entrances.
  • Up to 4 call buttons, each button calling a different handset.
  • Working range of 100 yards through concrete (up to 200 yards open field).
  • 1 handset per property or apartment.
  • Simple setup and install.
  • Keypad option for coded access.
  • Built in voicemail feature for missed callers, user can listen to messages on handset.
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty.

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