The LEF Series from Aiphone is designed to meet a wide variety of communication needs. Any combination of master, sub, and door stations can be intermixed up to the system's capacity.

This is an ideal system for gate/entry, repair shops, offices, courthouses, hotel/motels, retail stores and virtually any type of business.

The LEF series features:

  • Selective calling from a master station with hands-free reply
  • Call-in from subs and doors activatetone and LED at master(s)
  • Selective door release from LEF-5, 10, 10S
  • Privacy feature prevents eavesdropping (all masters and "N" model subs)
  • Variety of sub stations models available
  • Communication and call tone volume controls Wall and desk mounting options available

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Aiphone LEF Series

Aiphone LEF Series

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