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Amazon Echo Wireless Intercom

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Use the Amazon Echo Dot as a full duplex, handsfree wireless intercom
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Traditional, basic room-to-room wireless intercoms have been on a decline over the past several years with most manufacturers discontinuing their product lines. Currently the only one we have left other than our outdoor or commercial rated wireless intercoms is our long-range MURS base station intercoms.

However, there is another affordable solution, but it requires buying Amazon Echo Dots or any of their other Echo devices.

The "Drop In" feature has been added to Amazon's Echo devices that allows you to call other Echo Dots in your system.

This capability enables you to call any Echo device that is set up to receive calls. So you name each Echo device something that's appropriate for the location, like Kitchen, Office, or Master Bedroom and when you are near one of the Echo devices, say the Office, you can simply say "Alexa, drop in Kitchen" and you will be instantly connected. Anyone in the kitchen can just reply to your call without touching anything. When done you just say "Alexa, hang up." So you never have to touch anything.

You can also use the Alexa app on your smartphone to drop in on any of the devices no matter where you are. Not only can you use this to call your spouse or family members while you are at the office or traveling, this capability could also be used to check in on aging relatives where ever they are as long as you're approved to drop in on their Echo.

So not only do you get the benefits of an intercom system, but there are lots of other benefits to the Amazon Echo system, like playing music, setting calendar reminders, and asking Alexa for the answers to all your questions.

To get the Amazon Echo with the added intercom feature just click the Echo picture or the "Shop now" button below:

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