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An apartment entry system intercom is used for multi-unit or multi-tenant buildings so visitors can gain entrance to the building. Here are some questions to ask in choosing the right system:
  1. Do you want a wireless or wired system? This question really depends on the features and number of units you have. If you have anything over 4 units there aren't any wireless solutions that have a wall-mounted or desktop monitor you put in each unit. There are Wi-Fi units that let you use tablet PCs or smartphones.
  2. Do you want a video or audio only multi unit door entry systems ? The video systems require wiring each apartment with CAT-5 cable, or there are systems that use the tenant's smartphones or tablet PCs to view and talk to visitors. These systems don't require wiring at all, but they require Wi-Fi or a cell phone plan. Audio only wireless systems can also call tenant's phones.
  3. How many apartments do you have? If you have 4 units or less there is a wireless intercom that uses handsets or wall-mount intercoms to communicate with the front door. If you want wireless and have more units then that, we have a unit based on cell phone technology that will call the tenant's landline or cell phone. You can also use a Wi-Fi intercom to call smartphones.
  4. Is this for the front door of the building for the entry gate? Apartment intercom entry systems can be mounted at entry gates or directly at the door to the apartment building. The gate intercoms are usually designed to be mounted on a pedestal pole so they have a more horizontal setup, although you can use these as apartment building door entry system as well.
You can see systems available by clicking here: door entry systems for apartments
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