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An apartment intercom system with door release lets visitors to a multi-tenant building call the unit they want and the tenant can then "buzz" them in. These systems are available in wireless and wired models.

apartment intercom with door releaseWired intercoms require running wires to each apartment which then terminate in a wall station intercom. If you have an existing system with old wiring, you may or may not be able to use the wire already there depending on the system chosen. We have a wired system that can handle up to 48 apartments. There are also telephone entry systems that use a phone line for calling a tenant's phone.

Another option for calling tenant's phones is using a wireless apartment intercom. We have intercoms that use cell phone technology so they are totally wireless (except for power and electric door strike connection). You simply get an AT&T or TMobile plan for your door intercom and it will call tenant's phones.

If you would like to see what type of systems we have available click here: apartment intercom

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