Self-Storage Intercom System

Many self-storage facilities don't have people working at them full time, but if they do, it is usually only one person. When that person needs to move around the property and a new customer comes to the office, the office will be empty (and locked
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Wireless Video Intercom System with Door Release

Depending on the wireless video intercom you are looking at there may not be a door release built in. Most of the low cost Wi-Fi doorbell intercoms do not have a direct connection but they may have a way to integrate a Wi-Fi based electric lock
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Home Intercom System Review for 2021

Home intercom systems come in two basic forms, wired and wireless. Wired systems are usually used for new construction homes since running wire in exiting walls is expensive. If you have an old system already in the walls, then a retrofit system
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How to Convert a Wired Voice over IP Intercom to Wireless

When you cannot run wire but still need intercom communications, using a wireless bridge can convert CAT5 wired intercoms to wireless.
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Truck Scale Intercom Support Documents

These are instructions for troubleshooting your Truck Scale Intercom System from
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Installing and Fine Tuning the ZT1001 Truck Scale Intercom System

We program this equipment to work right out of the box. It is a self-contained system and is not to be put on an existing network.

Here are the steps you will take when you receive the equipment:
  1. Plug the POE Ethernet switch into power (you provide the switch or purchase one from us). We recommend bench-testing everything with known working cables before the final install. Each phone comes with a 6 foot CAT-5 cable, but you will need to make one for the outdoor callbox.
  2. If you have multiple outdoor intercoms, plug in the one marked Edge Controller or Scale 1 first using a standard CAT-5 or 6 cable with RJ-45 connectors. This is the server that drives everything. Let it boot up for around 60 seconds until the light on the button is solid very dim yellow.
  3. Plug the phone(s) and any other outdoor intercom(s) into the POE switch. Do NOT use the power supplies that came with the phone(s). They get their power from the POE Switch.
  4. Wait for the phone and other devices to boot up (about 60 seconds).
  5. Press the button on the outside intercom and it should make a call to the phone(s).
  6. The phone(s) have MPK speed-dial buttons programmed to call other devices. You may have to switch screens to see them.
  7. If using an external amplified speaker, see the wiring connections photo below. The horn speaker MUST be mounted at least three feet above the stainless steel callbox or it will interfere with the full-duplex and noise cancelling circuitry.
  8. Also make sure all of the unused holes in the outdoor intercom housing are sealed with the included plugs. Otherwise water can get in as well as noise, which can affect the circuitry.
  9. See the instructions for fine tuning audio below if needed

If any adjustments are required in the audio settings, click the link below to download the instructions.
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Front Door Intercom System

When choosing a front door intercom system for home or business you first need to decide whether you want wireless or wired. The cheapest solution would be a wired system, but if you have to pay someone to run the wires, then it may not be so cheap
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Intercom Entry Systems

When choosing an intercom entry system for a commercial or residential entry, the first decisions are whether you want wireless or wired and video or audio only, There are systems in every type so you should be able to find what you need.
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Apartment Entry System

An apartment entry system intercom is used for multi-unit or multi-tenant buildings so visitors can gain entrance to the building. Here are some questions to ask in choosing the right system: Do you want a wireless or wired system? This
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Wireless Apartment Entry System

When most people think of a wireless apartment entry system they think of some sort of intercom mounted on a wall or on a table in the apartment and then some multi-button transmitter intercom station at the door. While attempts at these have been
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Intercom With Camera

An intercom with camera is a system that replaces a doorbell at a security door. They are available in wireless or wired forms and are usually self-contained units. There are options for viewing the camera on a monitor inside the building or on a
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Intercom Paging System

A traditional intercom paging system uses a master station that calls wired speakers throughout your building. If you don't already have these speakers installed, it can cost thousands, or tens of thousands, of dollars to run wire depending on the
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Residential Gate Access Control Systems

Residential gate acccess control systems are used at both pedestrian gates and driveway gates to not only give visitors access, but also to communicate with them. You can remotely open the gate assuming you have an electric gate controller
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Wireless Parking Lot Emergency Call Stations

Wireless parking lot emergency call stations are used in remote parking lots where it would be difficult, expensive, or impossible to run wires between the lot and a remote building or guardhouse. The parking lot stations are wireless callbox
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Customer Service Button

A customer service button is a alert device that is placed at various locations around a store or business. When a customer presses the button it alerts another device where a sales person or customer service rep can then respond to the customer's
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Propane Exchange Refill Station Intercom Callbox

Propane tank exchange and propane tank refill stations seldom have an employee by them at all times so they inconvenience customers who are looking to purchase propane. A wireless intercom call box at the refilling station or locked exchange cage
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Two Way Intercom

A two way intercom is used in any place you need two way communication. Some intercoms will allow communication between many different areas whereas others are just between two. The first decision in choosing the right system is
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Hensel Phelps Chooses IntercomsOnline Cable-free Construction Elevator Intercom System Construction Company Hensel Phelps recently needed construction elevator communication systems for two of their California construction sites and they chose the IntercomsOnline's totally wireless construction elevator system to do the job.
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Sterile Clean Room Intercom System

In clean room environments where touching things must be kept to a minimum to maintain sterility of gloves, an intercom system that does not require button presses is needed so communication with he outside can be carried out. The first
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ZT1011 Truck Scale Intercom Installation and Setup

The ZT1011 truck scale intercom will arrive pre-programmed so all you have to do is to plug the phones and outdoor intercoms into a Power Over Ethernet (POE) switch. The switch provides the power to the phone and scale intercoms so no power is
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Article Library

Wireless Intercoms and Two-Way Radios Wireless Intercom FAQs Choosing A Wireless Intercom System Should I Choose UHF or VHF Two-Way Radios and Intercoms?
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Intercom Gate Entry Systems

An intercom gate entry system is used at security gates so visitors can press a button when they arrive and contact someone inside the gated area. These intercoms can be wireless or wired depending on the environment they are used in.
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Intercom for Electric Gates

An intercom for electric gates is an intercom that can not only be used for communication with visitors at the gate, but it can also be used to open the gate remotely. You can connect the intercom with two wires to the electric gate's controller
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Intercom for Gates

These days there are lots of choices for an intercom for gates. New technologies give you new capabilities that were not available several years ago. As landline telephone are phasing out you may no longer be able to use a standard telephone
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