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Just like voice telephony communication is changing from analog to Voice over IP, now surveillance technology has follwed in its footsteps. There are lots of benefits of using IP surveillance over traditional technology:

Improved Performance: Better signal processing, zoom, stabilizers and analytics.

Unlimited Scalability: As needs change, systems easily expand.

System Configuration Versatility: Video can be recorded and viewed anywhere on the network. Cameras can be quickly installed anywhere. Remote configuration eliminates on-site installation.

Advanced Analytics: Analytic intelligence can be used to monitor, record, interpret, archive, retrieve, and verify image data.

System Integration: Related physical security equipment such as access control, alarm/intrusion, and visitor management can be integrated in a complete system.

Future Proofing: IP technology is very flexible and able to adapt to future changes.

ROI and TCO: Return on Investment and Total Cost of Ownership are improved with IP surveillance.

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