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The security and video surveillance industry is changing from analog technologies of the past to current networking technologies. This is causing challenges for security dealers and integrators in that they are having to learn new technical skills and new ways of marketing them. But it is also presenting new opportunities.

Just about all the products being sold either have migrated or are in the process of migrating to IP (Internet Protocol) networking technologies. Customers are aware of the changes occuring as their operations become more networked. Security integrators are having to work with the customer's IT department to create a network hub to combine various applications into a total solution that may include telephone, mass notification, nurse call, fire alarm, IT services, pro audio/video systems and monitoring services, as well as others.

Many system integrators are still working on outdated design limitations such as considering components of a security system to be separate product categories. What is needed instead is to use solutions that handle the customer's current needs, but enables you to install future enhancements without having to tear out the current system. This requires an understanding of how other business systems use the network.

The key to using new technologies is to have an IT-centric workforce who is trainied in network systems. Integrators who have these employees and products will be rewarded with more business. More customer decision makers are located in IT departments so this will become even more necessary in the future.

More tips to expand your business:

  • Develop sales tools to educate customer on advantages of an IP solution
  • Provide total cost of ownership cost anaylsis to customers
  • Bring additional networked products into your mix (audio systems, interactive whiteboards, IP phone systems, video conferencing and more)
  • Target more vertical markets with a wider variety of products: corporate, education, retail, healthcare, government etc.
  • Focus your marketing on on describing the practical benefits of networking
  • Focus less on product and more on customer problems

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