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Black Handset-to-Handset Intercom Set

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Provides basic master to substation intercom communication using handsets. 1 master and up to three substations. Either battery or AC powered.
Part Number: AT406B
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The Handset-to-Handset intercom provides basic wired communication between one master station and up to three substations. The master station can call all substations, but the substations can only call the master. Substations cannot call other substations.


handset to handset wired intercom
To operate the system, press the CALL button to call other stations. It rings as long as CALL button is pressed. When the conversation is complete, just put the handset in the cradle. Pressing the CALL button on the MASTER will ring ALL stations. You cannot call an individual Substation separately.

This intercom is designed for indoor use only. It must also be used in wall-mount applications only. This intercom system is powered by the optional AC to DC power supply in Related Products and Accessories section, or via 4 AA batteries. Always put the handset back in the cradle to conserve battery life.

wired handset intercomTo reduce the possibility of outside noise, the recommended wiring is two conductor shielded. The wiring can be either loop (stations are in a series on the same wire) or home run (one wire directly to each station).

telephone intercomAny station can also have an optional loud bell or light that goes off when the station rings. To do this the optional External Signaling Relay show below is needed. The optional 6 Volt 200 milliAmp power supply is also needed for this application. The external ringing or lighting device that is connected to the station will be activated as long as call tone rings on handset. Since this intercom can be battery powered, it works great as a communication system in applications such as recreational vehicle cab-to-camper, boat deck-to-cabin, limousine chauffer to back seat, and restaurant kitchen to bar as well as hundreds of other applications.

This intercom is available in white or black. Additional handsets are only available in white.


  • Simple voice communications between Master and Substation handsets
  • Indoor use only
  • Electronic call tone to between units
  • Simple 2 conductor shielded wiring between Substation and Master station
  • Wiring Distance: 2 station set, 2,300' w/22AWG; 5,250' w/18AWG. Master to third sub: 1,350 (22 AWG), 3,100 (18AWG)
  • Communication: Full Duplex between units
  • Handset Dimensions Substation: 8-1/4" Tall x 3-1/8" Wide x 2" Dee

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