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Callbox XT with Gate Relay/ MURS Dual-Talk Handheld Kit

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Your Price: $1,296.00
This it includes outdoor callbox intercom and unit and handheld radio that can be used for gate or door opening.
Part Number: IO1027
This is a kit that includes one RT1029 MURS Callbox XT Outdoor Intercom with Gate Relay and one RT1013 MURS 110 Commercial Handheld Two-Way Radio. Use this kit if you want a handheld radio for two-way communication and you need the ability to activate a remote gate or door opening controller.

This military-spec handheld radio also has the ability to scan multiple channels so if you want to have up to five callboxes all each on their own channel, this radio will scan the five channels, and when a callbox calls in, it will lock on that channel so you can talk to that visitor only. When it locks in on that channel and you press the gate or door opening button on the handheld, it will only activate the lock or gate on that callbox.


  • A power supply is not included with this callbox. If it is powered from an existing gate operator or solar power system you do not need one. Otherwise please order an OPTIONAL 12 volt power supply from Related Products and Accessories to the right.

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