When multiple families pack up and hit the roads in their motor homes or RVs to go camping, there's a need for communication between families. That's where the WireFree wireless intercom systems can help.

The WireFree wireless intercoms can not only be used when traveling down the road, but once camp is set up they can be used to talk from RV to RV. It's better than having a telephone.

No matter how many RVs there are, each RV can have its own wireless intercom and all the intercoms can be set up in a private network so no one else can hear the conversations. They can be put in conference mode so everyone can talk at the same time.

When it's time to meet for dinner, or to venture out exploring, everyone can be paged to check on their status. It's better than going door-to-door only to find out someone isn't yet ready.

These wireless units can be used not only in your RV, but once you get home you can take it in to use it around the house.

These wireless home intercom systems aren't just for use in the home. Take them on your next RV road trip!
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