When you purchase the cell phone network intercom that brought you to this page, you will receive an AT&T SIM card and instructions on how to activate it with the plan below.

AT&T Cell Service

The cellular plan will give you Unlimited Voice and Texting and 500 MB Data with AT&T 4G for a low monthly rate of $19.95 + taxes as described below.

You will simply call the 800 number on the instructions and request customer service for activation of a yearly plan.

Micro SIM Card Retail price $19.95 per month based on a one-year pre-pay plan

Taxes, fees and surcharges for each plan:

  • 911: $0.40
  • USF: $0.11
  • RCR: $0.02

Activation: Allow 24-48 hours for activation.

A credit card payment will be accepted and processed, and a confirmation of payment will be emailed along with a local area code phone number for the SIM card which will then be activated.