Q:Can I mix the WireFree units with each other?

A: Yes! You can mix and match anything that says WireFree. The outdoor units work with indoor units. You can use up to 64 of these units together.

Q:Do the WireFree Portable Intercoms have voice activation (VOX)?

A: Yes they do, but for most applications we don't recommend it. In VOX mode there is clipping of the first part of what someone says while the microphone is being turned on. Also, if the person isn't right in front of the unit, it will be difficult to understand them.

Q:Can the WireFree Outdoor Intercom be used in the same way as the WireFree Portable intercoms?

A: Yes. You can put the Outdoor Intercom anywhere and make or receive an intercom call from it to any other unit. This unit can act just like a WireFree portable unit, but with only one channel (it has no other features like VOX or Monitor either), or you can set it so it can only make an intercom call and then only hear someone when a button is pressed on a portable or wall-mount WireFree intercom.

Q:Do I need to buy the WireFree Portable Wireless Intercom Add-On units if I want to add more intercoms?

A: There are no master or slave units with the WireFree system, all units are the same. So if you need an odd number of units, then buy one Add-On unit. Otherwise you can buy sets of two.

Q:For the WireFree Intercom System, is there one master base station and then separate slave sub-stations?

A: No, all the stations are the same. All the units are exactly the same unit whether you buy a set of two, or you add on a single unit. You can mix these units anyway you like.

Q:Can I power the WireFree Portable from AC instead of a battery?

A: Yes you can. If you look in the Related Products and Accessories when you are on the product page, you will see a power supply for it. You can also get one from Radio Shack. Their catalog number is #273-357 and you need plug Catalog #273-345 (plug N) to go with it. Just make sure the center of the plug is positive.

Q:Are the portable WireFree wireless intercom units wall-mountable?

A: Yes, they will wall mount using two screws. You can also purchase an outdoor intercom that wall mounts.

Q:Can I buy the WireFree Outdoor Intercoms individually or only in sets of two?

A: They are only available in sets of two. However, if you don't need two units outdoors, you can use one of them indoors. If you want to set it on a desk or counter, just stick some rubber feet on it.

Q:Can I buy the WireFree Doorbell Intercom by itself, or is it only in the kit with WireFree Portable Intercom?

A: It is only available in the kit. If you need an additional unit for your back door, you can buy two kits and use the two intercoms in different rooms.

Q:Do walls and other obstructions limit the ranges specified for the wireless intercoms?

A: Yes. The 1000 foot range specified is for the most part clear line of site range. So if you are in a Kansas wheat field with no obstructions between wireless intercom units, you should easily get the range listed. However, when you have walls in the way, range will go down. Brick walls reduce range more than drywall does. Metal-framed walls reduce range more than wood-framed walls. A wall filled with electrical wires every foot or so will reduce range more than one with only one or two wires in it. There is no magic way to determine whether a wireless intercom will work in your application so you just need to try it and return it if it doesn't. That's why we have a 45 day return policy. Just keep all your original boxes/materials.

Q. We have a workshop that is a metal building in our backyard, will the WireFree wireless intercom work in it?

A. It may, but we find that most of the time the signal of the WireFree intercom system isn't strong enough to make it though the walls of the building into the house. The better choice for this application is the high-powered MURS Multi-Mile base intercom. The MURS Multi-Mile intercoms have the power to punch through both the metal walls of the building plus brick walls of a house. The range will be significantly less than four miles, but for most applications they should still work.

Q:Will your intercoms interfere with my wireless network for my computers?

A: Wireless home PC networks operate in the 2.4GHz range. Our WireFree wireless intercoms operate in the 900MHz range so they won't interfere.

Q:Will the WireFree Intercom System interfere with my 900 MHz cordless telephone system?

A: It is remotely possible that it could produce a slight buzzing or clicking noise, but we have them installed in applications where there is no problem at all. The WireFree system uses spread spectrum technology so it should not interfere with other 900Mhz devices. If you have problems, you can return them for a refund.

Q: I need a wireless door intercom for my front door and a wireless intercom inside my house. What system do you recommend?

A: Our WireFree Wireless Outdoor Intercom will work for this. They come in sets of two so you could use the second one inside the house. You can also pair these with the WireFree indoor portable units. We also have the WireFree Doorbell and Intercom kit that comes with one outside unit and one Portable intercom. See the product descriptions for the differences between the two options.

Q:We want to use the WireFree Wireless Portable Intercom on the outside of bulletproof glass so we can talk to people on the other side. Will the Monitor mode of the WireFree work for this?

A: Yes it will but you want to make sure you use an AC power transformer on the unit in Monitor mode since the batteries will die quickly.

The WireFree Wireless Outdoor intercoms do not have Monitor mode so only the inside portable units can do this.

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