If you're looking for an intercom you can put in your child's room, but you know how destructive your child can be, one solution is the WireFree Outdoor Intercom.

One issue some parents have with the WireFree portable intercoms is that there are several buttons a child can press. One of them is a Channel button which the child can press to change the channel so you can no longer reach them. Plus they can press the Off button to turn the unit off.

There is only one button on the WireFree Outdoor Intercom so the only thing the child can do is press it to call you. There's not even an On/Off button so they can't turn it off if they try.

If you are used to having your child quickly kill the batteries in every electronic device he or she has, you'll be pleased with this one. The battery life is up to two years. There's not much your child can do to shorten that.

Another positive about the WireFree Outdoor Intercom is that it's waterproof. After all, it's meant to be located outside and people even use these in the shower. If your child spills his or her drink on it, just wipe it off and it's good to go.

If you need a little extra volume, there is a switch inside you can flip to make it louder. If you want the microphone to be a little more sensitive for delicate little voices, there's a switch for that too.

rubber feetSince the WireFree Outdoor Intercom is meant for wall mount, there is one easy modification we recommend so it can be used for table top mount. Just go to your local hardware store and ask for self-adhesive vinyl bumpers that are typically used for keeping your cabinet doors quiet when closing them. Then just stick 5 of them on the bottom of the WireFree Outdoor Intercom and now you can set it anywhere without having it slide around.

You'll lose a couple of features that the WireFree portable units have such as the Monitor or Conference mode. But with the advantages the WireFree Outdoor Intercom has, you'll appreciate that you can easily keep in touch with your child no matter where in the house you are.

Find out more about this intercom by clicking here: Outdoor Wireless Intercom

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