Communication is key to any building construction project management. The construction project manager in the project trailer usually has ample reasons to talk to various people out on the job site.

Usually hand-held portable radios fit this need nicely. Unfortunately, they fit so nicely that everyone for miles around may be using them. Since they also have a long range, you can be picking up conversations from everywhere.

That's when the WireFree Wireless Intercom System will find a use. When you go through the quick procedure after receiving these units, you'll actually set up a private network. So even if someone else nearby is using a WireFree system, they won't be able to hear your conversations.

Unlike the handheld radios, the WireFree systems use the 900MHz frequency so you won't have to listen to conversations from some kid talking to his sister about invading aliens.

You can even place an unlimited number of battery-powered, waterproof wireless outdoor intercoms at various points throughout the project so anyone within the sound of the unit can pick up your call. You can talk to whoever responds privately, or place the units in Conference mode so everyone can respond.

The WireFree wireless intercoms give you another way to make sure job site communication is successful so your building project is successful.

There is another solution for construction sites, that need greater range or additional communication options. The MURS Wireless Intercom System consists of handheld radios, base station intercoms, wireless callboxes and other wireless devices. MURS uses a set of five frequencies that are very lightly used so you shouldn't have interference problems, plus the communication range is measured in miles and not feet.

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