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wireless call boxA customer had three gates and they wanted wireless control with intercom back to a central location. They wanted to know if they could put all three intercoms on different channels and have a radio scan all three of them. The answer to that is yes, our commercial radios have a scan capability that will support that.

The thing he wanted to know is if the wireless callboxes had more than one relay he could control so disable an automatic exit loop since they load hazardous materials near one gate and they needed to disable that gate at those times. The callbox only has one relay, but we recommenced the MURS Wireless Switch control device for that application. It has two relays that can be activated from long distances. The MURS Wireless Switch control device would be set up on a separate channel and activated separately from a button on a handheld radio.

So while the callbox would not do everything he wanted, we have devices that could do everything he wants.