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The customer needed a gate access intercom without a keypad. They did not want to install a phone line since their current system that uses a phone line is always down.

We recommended one our our wireless callboxes with a gate relay along with one of our two-way radios or base station intercoms that has a button programmed for activating the gate relay.

One problem he had is that this was to be used for a residence so he didn't want a a large yellow callbox at the gate. We recommended the MURS Wireless Callbox which has a stainless steel front and an attractive black metal housing. Since he needed to unlock the gate from inside, we recommended the MURS Commercial Intercom, which has a button programmed for that task. He wasn't pleased that this base station intercom was pretty industrial looking. Some of our two-way radios have the ability to activate the gate relay, and they are fairly small we recommended that as another option. There is also the MURS Multi-Mile Base Station intercom that is a little less industrial that could be used to talk to the gate, but it doesn't have the ability to unlock the gate. He could place these in several locations, but when he wanted to open the gate, he would have to walk to a unit that could open it.