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Many industrial, retail, and other businesses have delivery doors or docks where the delivery companies drop off packages, inventory, and supplies. If these doors are locked, they usually have a doorbell to alert personnel of a delivery. Or they remain unlocked so delivery people can enter.

The problem with having a doorbell, or nothing at all, is that personnel don't always hear the ringing or knocking, or by the time they can respond the impatient delivery person is already pulling away. Then the delivery waits for another day.

For those businesses that leave their delivery doors unlocked so they won't miss deliveries, they leave themselves open to a huge security risk. The loading dock or delivery door in a business, hospital, or college is a portal that exposes an organization to all sorts of risk. Anyone can walk in and have full access to the building. Adding security personnel to monitor the dock is an expensive proposition that is usually not an option.

The solution to both these problems is to lock the delivery doors and provide a wireless intercom system for delivery people to use when making deliveries.

With a Callbox XT Outdoor Intercom installed by a delivery door, and at least one of the staff carrying a two-way radio, the delivery door can be secured without missing deliveries. Base station intercoms could also be placed on several desktops allowing office personnel to monitor for deliveries as well. Using these wireless intercoms, a business can still get important deliveries without compromising security.

delivery door intercom systemThe Callbox XT Outdoor Intercom is a metal and fiberglass box with two-way radio circuitry that enables someone to press a button to call for assistance. Two-way communication can occur so personnel can tell the delivery person they are on the way to let them in. If the delivery door needs to be remotely unlocked, a signal can be sent to the callbox to activate a door lock. Then the delivery person can bring the packages in without anyone going to the door.

The benefit of a wireless callbox is that there is no high cost of running expensive cable to the unit. There are also no air-time or telephone service fees to pay. Another benefit is that people monitoring the units can carry handheld radios to communicate with the call box. This enables monitoring personnel to be mobile.

The callbox range can be up to a mile, which can be extended by adding an external antenna.

If existing two-way radios are in use, these callboxes can be programmed to be compatible with virtually any brand of VHF or UHF business band radio.

Using a callbox at the delivery door, base station intercoms on monitoring personnel desks, and hand-held two way radios on mobile personnel, there will never be a reason to miss a delivery again.