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DMR Digital Callbox UHF, 450-470 MHZ, Black Housing

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This outdoor callbox works with digital radios that use the DMR radio standard. This one works with digital radios on UHF frequencies. Same as the high-viz green except this one is black.
Part Number: RT1110
Notes: Ships 5-10 Business Days
If you have DMR Digital two-way radios like a Motorola TRBO or other brand, now there is a way to put communication anywhere you need it, even outside! Use the DRM Digital Callbox at a driveway gate, delivery dock or door, plant floor, office entrance, or almost any place you can think of. With its water resistant housing it can be placed directly in the weather. With range up to 1 mile line of sight it will handle lots of applications.

Wireless Callbox Brochure The callbox can be battery powered or powered from 12 volts DC so if you don't have power where you want to put it that's no problem.

This callbox is equipped to use pre-recorded voice messages that notify radio system users when specific events occur. These unique voice messages are recorded and stored on the callbox, and automatically played back when the associated event occurs. It supports 5 different message events.

A built in relay can be remotely activated to open a gate or release a door. A sensor input can be used for a loop sensor to open a gate, or to send a recorded voice message when a motion sensor is triggered.


  • RF Channels:1 Channel DMR Digital (12.5KHz)
  • Signaling DMR Digital Mode: 16 Color Codes, Subscriber Unit ID (SUID), Destination ID (Individual & Group Selective Call, All-Call)
  • Dimensions: 7" H x 5" W x 3" D
  • Weight: 2.75 lbs
  • Enclosure Material: Gasket Sealed, High-Impact Polycarbonate
  • Colors: Black or High-Viz Green
  • Environmental: Splash resistant, shock and vibration per Ritron test
  • Operating Temperature: -20 degree C to +55 degree C (-4 degree F to 131 degree F) Battery rating. At 0 degree C the capacity is < 50% rated) Talk range will decrease at low temperatures when operating on alkaline batteries.
  • Programming: Field programming capability of limited parameters. Full programming capability using internal USB Connector used for full PC Programming.
  • Built-in Remote Control Relay: Can be used to remotely control gates, doors or strobe light. (7 Series) Relay switch is controlled when callbox receives the pre-programmed selective signaling command code.
  • - SPDT, 3A, 125VAC/30VDC - Normally Open or Normally Closed (NO Default). Modes of Operation: Momentary or Toggle, On/Off.
  • - Aux Sensor Monitoring Input : Optional sensors used to detect motion, gate movement, vandal/tamper or vehicle presence can be connected to the callbox using the sensor input.
  • - Sensor input responds to an Open or Closed switch. Callbox will send either an alarm tone or a recordable voice message when optional switch/sensor detects a change.
  • - Can also be programmed to automatically turn callbox ON and transmits recordable voice message or alarm tone to radios monitoring callbox activity.
  • Adjustable Speaker Volume: Adjustable 20% to 100%
    Automatic Turn-Off Feature: Conserves batteries. Selectable turn-off times will automatically turn callbox off after a set period of inactivity on the radio channel. Auto Turn-OFF feature must be enabled when using battery only power.
  • Listen-In Feature: Callbox can be selectively paged to allow remote monitoring of audio in the vicinity of the callbox.
  • Busy Channel TX Inhibit: Prevents Callbox from transmitting if someone else is using the radio channel.
  • Recordable Voice Messages: Greeting Message/Send Call Alert Message/Sensor ON/Sensor OFF/ Low Battery Message/Send Power Fail Message/Auto "Re-Send" - Selectable 0-5 times.
  • Battery Life: 3 D-Cell Alkaline Batteries: Number of Transmissions: Approximately 6,000 based on a duty cycle of: 3 Seconds Receive, 3 Seconds Transmit, 10 Seconds Standby


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