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Dual Talk Buttons MURS Two-Way Radio

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This radio has two push to talk buttons so you can monitor two MURS channels.
Part Number: BT1001
This radio works with any of our other MURS products and it has dual push-to-talk (PTT) buttons and so you can monitor two channels at one time. If you have two groups of people you contact regularly this can be a very useful feature.

The dual PTT works well with our MURS wireless PA unit where Channel 1 can be used to broadcast emergency messages over the wireless PA unit and Channel 2 could be used for communication between other radios. You simply choose the upper or lower button to transmit to the appropriate device. The buttons could also be changed so both buttons access the same channel if you prefer that operation.

The radio also has the ability to scan all channels, but once you press the PTT button it comes out of scanning mode and you will have to remember to put it back in.

This radio can NOT activate the gate relay in our MURS callboxes as they come programmed. The green and black Compact callbox with gate relay can technically use the DTMF capability of this radio to activate the gate relay but the callboxes will require field programming to do this.

The radio also has the ability to receive signals from FM radio stations. An incoming call will override the radio station.

There is a built in flashlight and strobe, plus there features like and emergency alarm siren that can be broadcast over a wireless PA or to other radios.

This is a very nice build quality radio with a commercial-quality feel!

The radio includes a free headset and the kit contains all of these items:
- MURS Radio
- 1800mAh Battery
- MURS VHF Single Band Antenna
- Drop-In Charger
- 110V Adapter
- Over the Ear Earpiece Kit
- Wrist Strap,
- Belt Clip,
- User Manual

  • 15 Modifiable MURS Two-Way Channels - Receive and Transmit (use 5 MURS frequencies with different CTCSS codes)
  • FM Radio Receive (65-108 MHz)
  • Compatible with KPG-22 (Kenwood 2 Pin) Speaker Mics and Accessories
  • Built-In Flashlight
  • 50 CTCSS Privacy Tones
  • 346 DCS Digital Privacy Tones
  • Tri-Color Adjustable Backlight
  • DTMF Tone Keypad
  • VOX (voice activated transmit)
  • Channel Scanning
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Alarm Siren Tone Transmit
  • 2-Watts Transmit Power
  • PC Programmable (requires optional cable)
  • PC-programmable channel names

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