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Elderly/Disabled Emergency Alert

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If you have an elderly or disabled person you care for but you can't always be with them, this Personal Assistance Voice Dialer may be what you need. It consists of a pendant button they wear and a main console that plugs in to a telephone line.
Part Number: LM1001
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senior citizen alert deviceFor an elderly or disabled person, remaining independent and able to continue to live in their own home is something they desperately don't want to give up. The concern with this is that if an emergency happens nobody is there to help.


Now personal security has never been so small or affordable. The Emergency Alert is the first product ever to allow you instant 2-way speaker phone communication through your mini wearable pendant to family, friends, or neighbors, at any time from ANYWHERE in or around the home. If your programmed contacts are unreachable at the moment, the system can default to contact a 911 emergency operator. Never be out of range from assistance again.

The Emergency Alert is a one time purchase...no monthly fees involved !

The World's First 2-way Emergency Pendant Communicator
emergency button for elderlyEmergencies can happen in all parts of a home and frequently right outside a home in the yard or driveway. All other systems on the market require the user to shout across the home to a speakerphone box in the middle of the home. The Emergency Alert puts the speakerhone right in the pendant - and gives you great voice quality anywhere within hundreds of feet of the base unit.

Up to 4 User-Programmable Contacts to Call Anytime
You can personalize the system with a flick of a three position switch on the base unit to:

  1. Call up to 4 contacts
  2. Call up to 4 contacts and then the 911 emergency operator
  3. Or just call the 911 emergency operator

It's your choice.

Emergency Operators Are Available as Backup if Needed
The Emergency Alert can also contact a free 911 emergency operator as a backup in case you can't reach a family member or neighbor. This way your are completely protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You are never alone with the Emergency Alert.

Complete Coverage in and Around Your Home
Because you are speaking through your pendant. The Emergency Alert allows you to communicate your message from every corner of your home, outside in the yard, and in the driveway. Emergencies can happen anyplace.

Multiple Pendants
Each Emergency Alert system can support a combined total of 4 pendants (see below). This product is great for husband and wife or small group homes.

alert system for elderlyOptional Accessory - Emergency Wall Communicator
This wireless water resistant device is designed to mount on a wall. Mount one next to the bed-side table or even next to the shower in the bathroom. These permanent communicators allow for full two-way voice communication anytime an emergency occurs. These units are particularly handy if one forgets to carry their pendant with them to the bathroom in the middle of the night. They operate in standby for well over a year on 4AAA alkaline batteries...and provide over 5 hours of talk time.

Water Resistant

The pendant allows you to summon help even if you are in the bath or shower where serious accidents are most likely to happen. Meets the IPX-5 spray test (IPX-5: Water projected by a nozzle against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.)

Voice Prompted System

Provides announcements during set-up, testing and full system check.

Pendant Battery
The Lithium-ion battery provides several hours of talk time on a full charge. and up to several months in standby. Two such rechargeable batteries are included. One charges in the base station charger, while the other is in the pendant. Press the battery test button on the back of the pendant for one second to hear an audible announcement: "battery is OK," "battery is low," or "replace battery now." No guessing required on the status of the battery.

System has Standby Emergency Battery Power
Four Nickel-metal hydride batteries continually charge in the base station so they are ready to provide up to 24 hours of standby power in the event of a power failure in your home.

Fully Portable
For use in any home with a regular phone line. The Emergency Alert can be brought with you when you travel to visit relatives. Just bring your system with you and plug it in to any standard phone jack to provide instant protection.

Simple Setup
Plug in the phone cord, power adapter, and simply program your contact numbers using your standard touch tone phone.

elderly emergency alert systemPendant Can be Carried in Three Convenient Methods

Included with each system is a Lanyard, a Wrist/Wheelchair Strap Holder , and a Belt Clip. Pick the one that suits your lifestyle.

Complies with NENA Standards
NENA stands for National Emergency Number Association and is the affiliation of 911 emergency operators. Rest assured that your system is compatible with emergency 911 centers.

Fully Supervised System
The pendant checks itself twice a day, and checks in with the base station. If the battery is low, or there is a problem, the first telephone contact is called with a pre-recorded alert message.

Approved in all 50 States and Canada
1.9GHz DECT technology offers superb voice quality. FCC and DOC certified. The factory is ISO-9001 approved.

VoIP Compatible
As long as your Voice Over Internet Protocol adapter provides an analog telephone line, you can use the Emergency Alert.
panic button for seniors


  • The pendant range is up to 600 feet. It will cover the typical American home and even a short distance outside your home into your yard, but the range varies based on building construction and other interference factors.
  • No cellular service required. It uses your standard home phone line. No monthly charges, no monitoring fees, no contracts, ever!
  • World's smallest cordless speakerphone enables you to speak directly to a friend, family member or the 911 operator instantly from anywhere in or around the home.
  • Can I test the range? Use the test button on the back of the pendant to test the range of the system. Hold the button in for 5 seconds and you will hear a system check. If it says "All systems are OK", then you are within range of the base unit. You can walk around your home and test this feature at any location to see if it will work from there.
  • The pendant uses a special rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. There are 2 batteries included. The battery standby time is 2-3 months and it can be tested at any time by pushing the test button on the pendant. When the battery test shows that the battery is low, you simply replace the battery with the second battery that is charging in the base unit. Just swap the two batteries around every month or two.
  • The base unit comes with 4 rechargeable batteries. These batteries are constantly being charged while the base is plugged in the wall outlet. When the power fails, the base unit automatically switches over to these rechargeable batteries which will provide over 24 hours of back-up protection. There is no maintenance needed for these backup batteries.
  • There can be up to 4 friends' numbers programmed (though you do not need to program all 4 numbers). If none of the four answer, then it can go to 911. The calls are placed in the order that they were programmed in to the unit. If the first person does not answer, the unit hangs up and calls the second number. If they don't answer, it will call the third etc.
  • Once a call is picked up, about 15 seconds into the call a message is played "This is an emergency call, to continue this call press 5 now otherwise we will hang up and call the next contact or the emergency operator". If "5" is pushed by the person receiving the call, the call continues. If "5" is not pushed, the intercom hangs up and continues to the next number. This makes sure that the call has been picked up by a live person that wants to help rather than an answering machine or young child.
  • The pendant can be used in the shower even though we don't recommend it as a normal practice. Its best to just lay pendant on the floor just outside the shower area so that it can be reached if needed.
  • DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) communications technology: 1.9 Gigahertz spread spectrum
  • One year limited warranty

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