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Elika Access 460 Multi-Tenant VoIP Intercom for WiFi or Ethernet

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Your Price: $3,895.00
This is the most advanced multi-tenant intercom system available with features you won't find on other systems.
Part Number: EL1001
Notes: Ships 5-10 Business Days
The Elika Access 460 is a multi-tenant intercom that can be used for apartment buildings or gated communities. This is one of the most advanced entry systems there is with capabilities you won't find on other gate or access systems.

With the built-in digital camera, Infrared lights allow you to capture pictures even at night. See who is at your gate at all times with the event image capture feature.

With an optional BlueTooth module tenants can wirelessly open gates using just their smartphone. An app on the tenant's smartphones can be used to wirelessly open doors or gates via BlueTooth connectivity. There is no need to enter codes or carry key FOBs. As the tenant gets near within 100 feet of the intercom the gate will automatically open totally handsfree. Bluetooth codes are unique to each user and cannot be duplicated. With this technology you can now send virtual keys to your guests with access zone limits, all through your smart device.

This system connects to the Internet via a WiFi antenna or via a built-in Ethernet port. Even though it connects to the Internet it still can make telephone calls to residents via a VoIP connection that does require a monthly fee of up to $29.99 a month for an unlimited number of minutes.

No software installation required! It has a user-friendly web based management application from any computer or smart device. Simply log on and you will be able to add/delete users, view event image capture and more from anywhere in the world

The internal memory includes up to 200,000 users/codes as well as 100,000 history events, plus unlimited cloud storage with the Elika Cloud.

An IP65-rated aluminum enclosure with stainless steel keypad has been tested and proven reliable in the most extreme weather conditions.

Using the management app, with one touch, you can latch the door or gate to remain open for the duration of an event. With the Elika app you can view, add, delete and manage historical data of incoming & outgoing visitors, current smart keys granted, one-time only keys, watch recorded HD videos, and scheduled keys with start/end time, all in one app.

  • WEB BASED APP: Allows remote programming of the system and updates in real-time. Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS and Android operating systems
  • VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) over Ethernet or Wireless
  • DAY / NIGHT DIGITAL CAMERA: Digital camera captures an image of every event and stores it in its event log with a time stamp
  • SMART CALL: This feature allows up to 3 contact phone numbers per user
  • SOLAR READY: Can be powered with standard 12 volt solar panel and battery
  • BUILT IN SURGE AND LIGHTNING STRIKE PROTECTION: Protection up to 200 Million Watts
  • HARDWARE SETTINGS REMOTE ADJUSTMENT: Sound and light settings adjustable remotely.
  • DIGITAL NOISE AND ECHO CANCELLATION: Eliminates the need for feedback adjustment; Ensure clear voice communication
  • OPTIONAL BATTERY BACKUP: In the event of power loss, your telephone entry system will remain functional
  • BACKLIT KEYPAD: Fully adjustable brightness level
  • COURTESY LIGHT: Adds security and convenience under low light conditions
  • ILLUMINATED CALL BUTTON: Clearly visible at night time
  • 4 LINE LCD DISPLAY: Allows the display to list up to 4 tenants at one time
  • STAINLESS STEEL KEYPAD: Provides a longer lasting, more durable surface
  • DIGITAL MICROPHONE: Ensures clear voice communication
  • ELECTRICAL PROTECTION: Short Circuit, Electrostatic Discharge, Reverse Polarity and Relay Contact protection
  • ALUMINUM ENCLOSURE: UV powder coated provides additional protection against corrosion and weather elements
  • WIEGAND READER INTERFACE:Available port for Wiegand communication; Standard 26 bit Wiegand input port
  • TIMERS: Seven programmable timers, each with seven days of the week
  • INDIVIDUAL TIME ZONES: For each code, Elika Smart Key, shared key and RFID/HID; Individual call time schedule per phone number
  • HISTORY LOG REPORTS: Track usage history through report logs
  • INTERNAL MEMORY: Up to 200,000 total unique users/codes; 100,000 history events
  • PROGRAMMABLE ACCESS CODES; 3 to 6 digit code that can be used to strike one or both relays; Not bound by set length. Each user can select any code from 3 to 6 digits long
  • IMPORT DATABASE FROM EXCEL (CSV): Makes importing existing databases a breeze
  • TAMPERING AND ACCESS: Vandalism proof casing, Security screws
  • FORCED ENTRY SENSOR WITH INTERNAL SIREN AND FAIL SECURE OUTPUT; A numerical passcode is required before opening its enclosure
  • REAL-TIME DIAGNOSTICS: Get real-time diagnostic information, Remote automatic software updates

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