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Why Choose a Facial Recognition Intercom System?
Since the pandemic, facial recognition is starting to be used for more than just accessing your smartphone. Touchless door entry using facial recognition not only reduces the transmission of germs, but it also increases security. If using card reader cards, the cards can be easily lost, stolen, or duplicated. PIN codes can be easily given to non-registered people. A person's face cannot be lost, given away, or stolen (except in the movies). A facial recognition intercom offers reduced germ transmission, increased security, and a whole new level of convenience. No more cards to lose or codes to forget.

5 Benefits of Facial Recognition Intercoms:

Replace Insecure Physical Card Readers

Management of physical access cards can be a daily problem. Since more workers are distributed, access cards need to be delivered to users who may then lose them, or forget them at home. Plus this technology is outdated and it's easy to duplicate cards.

Facial Recognition Intercoms Integrate with Access Control Devices

Face recognition intercom in useIf you already have a gate opener or electric door strike, you can use the intercom to activate it. Once a person's face has been successfully scanned, a relay or switch will close in the intercom to activate the opener or strike. Or you could use it for elevator access. No codes or cards required.

Faces Provide Frictionless, Hands-Free Access

With facial recognition, a user's face is their entry card and they can't ever leave that at home! It offers un-obtrusive, secure access. As a side benefit, getting rid of physical access cards is also good for the environment.

Face Recognition is Fast and Accurate

Signing up a user for face recognition on the intercom only takes about 60 seconds. Users just download the app, login, and scan their face. This eliminates the need to line people up at the door for enrollment or hand out keycards or fobs. Users can access any number of doors. To use the intercom, a user just looks at the camera and it opens the door in seconds.

Face Recognition Offers High Security and Privacy

Face recognition intercoms have advanced anti-spoofing via 2D and 3D depth data which prevents unauthorized access. The intercoms are compliant with SOC II (Security Operations Center) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards. No actual photo of the user is stored as the system creates a series of coordinates based on the distance between a users eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Facial recognition based on these standards is trusted by financial institutions, commercial buildings, startups, government offices, and more.

Facial recognition intercoms are the ideal solution for organizations who want to implement the highest security and most convenient access control system. For more information contact at 888-298-9489.