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When choosing a front door intercom system for home or business you first need to decide whether you want wireless or wired. The cheapest solution would be a wired system, but if you have to pay someone to run the wires, then it may not be so cheap after all so maybe a wireless product would be better.


The other consideration is what capabilities do you need. Do you want to see who is at the door? If so then a video intercom is needed. A camera will go at the front door and will communicate with one or more monitors on the inside. There is even a wired system that enables you to use a smartphone or tablet PC to see who is at the door.


Almost all systems have the ability to unlock the door from inside as long as you connect two wires from the intercom over to an electric door strike or maglock. The lock is not included with the intercom so you will have to provide that. A locksmith would be able to install the proper lock type for your door type.


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