1. Full Duplex 8-unit Two-Way Communications Center

Full Duplex 8-unit Two-Way Communications Center

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Eight person, full-duplex communication module. Headsets are sold separately.
Part Number: ET1009
This kit is used if you want to order head sets individually. No headsets are included but it will support up to 8 add on headsets.


1 Dual Channel Communication Hub

1 Communication Hub Battery,

AC wall plug

AA disposable battery sled

1 Multiport Charger


  • Up to 8 people communicate simultaneously
  • Dual channel with party line switching
  • Self-contained headsets- NO BELTPACKS!
  • Portable for on-location use
  • Range up to 800 yards
  • Multi-port charger (included) charges all system batteries in one convenient location.

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