1. Full Duplex Dual-Ear Headset

Full Duplex Dual-Ear Headset

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Dual ear full duplex headset
Part Number: ET1010
All in one headset does not require a belt-pack. It communicates through the ET1009 communications hub to up to 7 more headsets.

This dual-ear headset has a repositionable boom microphone that can be mounted on either side. The microphone has noise cancelation. Includes a foam wind screen for clarity.

The headsets have rechargable lithium-ion batteries that have up to 10 hours of talk time. The headset batteries recharge in the multi-port cradle included with the ET1009 hub.

The padded ear cushions are designed for all day use. Integrated controls for volume adjustment.

The system operates on the license-free 1900MHZ band so no FCC License is required.

  • Self-contained headsets- NO BELTPACKS!
  • Headsets weigh only 13 oz
  • Headset microphone is adjustable to the right or left side
  • Headset On/Off Volume control
  • Headset Microphone mute button
  • Headset Li-Ion batteries operate up to 10 hours

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