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One of the future growth areas in the security industry is in video services, interactive security services and personal emergency response systems (PERS). All of these services have one thing in common, they all feed back to a central station monitoring center.

This forecasted growth is evidenced by the fact that wholesale monitoring centers are making large investments in new facilities and technological infrastructure. While industry growth has been flat for the past three years, security professionals are predicting that some products like PERS, video monitoring and storage, and interactive controls are poised and ready to experience growth.

One of the reasons for all the new investment in hardware and infrastructure is that these services have such a wide variety of product options for a growing number of vendors. Central stations will now have to accept a multitude of types of signals from services on cellular networks, cloud-based IP networks, and long-range radio so the complexity has increased over the days of simple communication over telephone lines.

Now is the time for the security dealer or integrator to learn about new services or capabilities that monitor partners may offer that they didn't offer before.

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