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Grocery Store Carry Out Order System

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If you need a handheld radio and a wireless callbox, this kit is one option.
Part Number: RT1088

Grocery stores are always looking for ways to provide better service to their customers, and to increase their profits. One new service grocery stores can offer is online or phone orders.

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But one of the problems with those services is that customers quite often don't want to pay extra for it. Their grocery bills are already high enough so they can't afford to tack on extra expense. Since the cost of delivery is high, stores can't offer this service for free.

The solution is for customers to pick up their order themselves. They still can order and pay online, but then they come and get the order themselves. That eliminates all the time they have to spend finding and paying for groceries so customers love it. As a store owner you'll love it because they become loyal to your store.

You just need to dedicate a parking spot or two for "carry out" parking spaces. And then you need to place a wireless callbox intercom on a pedestal pole so when customers arrive they press a button on a call box that calls an attendant who has a handheld mobile radio. Two-way communcation then takes place and the order is brought out to the customer.

So this package consists of a wireless callbox and a handheld two way radio. If you are going to pole mount the intercom, you will need an optional gooseneck pole mounting kit found in the Related Products and Accessories, and a pole. The intercom can be battery powered, or you can use an optional 12 volt adapter, or solar power.



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