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Handset Door Intercom System with Keypad

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Your Price: $1,450.00
Handset Gate Intercom System with Keypad
Part Number: AE1002
Not only can you use this intercom to communicate with visitors at your door, but you can use the handsets to talk between each other. Up to four handsets can be used on this system.

Not at home or in the office? Visitors can leave a voicemail from the intercom system which can be played back from an indoor handset.
This intercom has a line of sight distance of 600 feet but through walls will likely be closer to 300 feet.

Open your door with a click of button using our stylish indoor handset unit.

An illuminated keypad lets you assign up to 1000 codes to let people in.

  • Up to 4 indoor handsets per system
  • Place calls between handsets by scrolling through a menu
  • Call the door to listen in even if the call button was not pressed
  • Up to 600 feet range line of sight with no obstructions
  • Working range of 300 feet through 1 exterior concrete, brick, or stone wall
  • Voice mail for visitors when no one answers (40 seconds before voicemail starts)
  • Outdoor intercom mounts on walls
  • 24vDC power supply included
  • Can be solar powered via 12vDC
  • 2 relay outputs: Normally open (N/O) or normally closed (N/C) for gate opening
  • Handsets have two buttons for activating relays
  • Illuminated keypad supports up to 1000 codes
  • 3 Keypad N/O-N/C relays: Relay 1 supports 1000 codes; Relay 2: 100 codes; Relay 3
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty

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